Issue 33 - 21st December 2009Issue 33 - 21st December 2009
Tuppence, Bracken and Muffin, our three ponies, helped Father Christmas over the weekend when he popped in to see the boys and girls.
Issue 32 - 7th December 2009Issue 32 - 7th December 2009
On the 30th November 2009 saw the arrival of pup number 20, this little girl was found on the beach at Hayle and was around 6 weeks old, with a little graze to her chin.
Issue 31 - 27th November 2009Issue 31 - 27th November 2009
This week saw the Animal Care Team move most of our patients outside to the nursery pools, with only two left in the hospital, we were hoping for a bit of a break before the next wave of pups came in. The seal hotline was up and running for pups out in the wild when they heard we had vacancies.
Issue 30 - 20th November 2009Issue 30 - 20th November 2009
Our first pup from the RSPCA arrived this week for its rehabilitation with other seals. This pup named ´Stinkweed´ (they chose to name their pups after wild flowers and plants).
Issue 29 - 13th November 2009Issue 29 - 13th November 2009
The Sanctuary continues its rescue season, and with more bad weather predicted over the weekend, there is no sign of it letting up.
Issue 28 - 8th November 2009Issue 28 - 8th November 2009 - Part 2
Sometimes even with all the best care in the world by our team we are unable to save all the pups. This week we are very sad to report that on Tuesday Harry quietly passed away. The team had been working hard to get Harry to put on weight over the past few weeks.
Issue 28 - 8th November 2009Issue 28 - 8th November 2009
This week saw the arrival of two more pups ´Angelina´ who was a two day old seal rescued from Marazion near Penzance and ´Dolores´ who was rescued from the Cot Valley.
Issue 27 - 30th October 2009Issue 27 - 30th October 2009
As it is Halloween time again and we have our pumpkin trail around the Sanctuary for the kids. We decided to treat Starsky and Hutch, our otters, to pumpkins as well.
Issue 26 - 24th October 2009Issue 26 - 24th October 2009
Seal Stolen from Sanctuary - DON’T PANIC!! Its not one of our real residents, although the seal that was stolen has been at the Sanctuary for along time.
Issue 25 - 17th October 2009Issue 25 - 17th October 2009
As Craig, our bus driver, came out of reception he was confronted by three sheep standing there looking at him, Craig a little shocked got hold of the Animal Care Team to escort them back to their field.
Issue 24 - 10th October 2009Issue 24 - 10th October 2009
On Friday 9th October 2009, the sanctuary received a phone call from a member of the public about another white coat seal pup at Portreath.
Issue 23 - 1st October 2009Issue 23 - 1st October 2009
On the 25th September 2009 the Sanctuary received a call about a seal at Padstow. Due to the pup's condition, we recruited the help of the BDMLR.
Issue 22 - 24th September 2009Issue 22 - 24th September 2009
We received a call from a member of the public about a seal that needed our help at Soapy Bay near Mullion on 23rd September 2009. Dan, a member of our Animal Care Team, headed out with one of our volunteers and the seal rescue kit. On the beach Dan found a white coated seal pup.
Issue 21 - 18th September 2009Issue 21 - 18th September 2009
Starsky and Hutch, our otters, have had to be put on diets as they are both half a kilo over weight. To distract them from the fact they are getting less food we have upped their enrichment, both are having bubble enrichment.
Issue 20 - 14th August 2009Issue 20 - 14th August 2009
On the 12th August 2009 the tides were right and Myrtle was ready to go back to the wild. Animal Care Team assistant Amy loaded up Myrtle on Wednesday morning and headed for Gwithian on the north coast of Cornwall, this was close to where Myrtle had been found.
Issue 19 - 3rd August 2009Issue 19 - 3rd August 2009
On the 18th July 2009 the Sanctuary received it’s first patient of the new pup rescue season. ´Myrtle´ was first spotted a few weeks ago at Godrevy on the north coast of Cornwall. She had managed to get herself caught up in fishing netting and over the last few weeks had cut deeper in to her flesh.
Issue 18 - 8th June 2009Issue 18 - 8th June 2009
Monday morning saw the last 3 grey seal rescue pups receiving rehabilitation at the Sanctuary released. Custard Cream, Evie and Harley, who was only rescued at the beginning of March this year, head off from Porthtowan.
Issue 17 - 15th May 2009Issue 17 - 15th May 2009
On Wednesday morning it was an early start at the Sanctuary as we all came in for the release. Three of our rescued pups were going back to the wild, Michelle, Olive and Thursday.
Issue 16 - 8th May 2009Issue 16 - 8th May 2009
This week saw the arrival of a new Californian Sea lion, by the name of André. André used to be housed at Chessington, but they were looking to re-home him, and got in contact with the Sanctuary.
Issue 15 - 24th April 2009Issue 15 - 24th April 2009
All the grey seals are continuing to moult at the moment, with Flipper and Yulelog nearly finished. In the convalescent pool, Ray is still bauled and showing no signs of at least attempting to grow new fur.
Issue 14 - 17th April 2009Issue 14 - 17th April 2009
On the 9th April we had four new arrivals from the RSPCA centre in Devon.
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Issue 13 - 27th March 2009Issue 13 - 27th March 2009
There was great excitement at the Sanctuary on Thursday, with the arrival of our two new sea lions all the way from Costa Blanca. Their names are Noito and Diego.
Issue 12 - Part 2 - 20th March 2009Issue 12 - Part 2 - 20th March 2009
Thai, Starsky and Hutch were all treated to cherry tomatoes last week in support of Red Nose Day.
Also with the good weather holding this week and five pups were released on Monday. Tuesday morning we decided that it was time for another four to leave the Sanctuary.
Issue 12 - Part 1 - 16th March 2009Issue 12 - Part 1 - 16th March 2009
With good weather predicted for this week and at least nine of our pups up to release weight, it was time to set some more free. On Monday morning Milo, Sandy, David, Ellie and Ken were loaded into the trailer.
Issue 11 - 13th March 2009Issue 11 - 13th March 2009
On the 12th February 2009 volunteers from the Cornwall Seal Group reported seeing a young male grey seal pup with monofilament fishing net entangled around the neck. Estimated to be 2 months old, and with a lot of growing still to do, the netting was already beginning to restrict his movement.
Issue 10 - 6th March 2009Issue 10 - 6th March 2009
This week with the weather a little warmer, we decided to give Sahara some ice, and thought that Andy and Chaff would like some. The Animal Care Team chucked a couple of buckets of ice into the enclosure.
Issue 9 - 27th February 2009Issue 9 - 27th February 2009
The Animal Care Team arrived on the beach a little after 7am (high tide) and dropped the back of the trailer. Emma was first out closely followed by Scotty, and both headed straight for the water.
Issue 8 - 20th February 2009Issue 8 - 20th February 2009
Stanley, our male sheep, who has been a bit lonely has now got a little female friend and a new step-daughter. The ewe and baby lamb arrived just over a week ago and have settled in very well and get on extremely well with Stanley.
Issue 7 - Part 2 - 13th February 2009Issue 7 - Part 2 - 13th February 2009
A new seal pup in the hospital...After releasing nine seals this week, we had a call on Thursday afternoon about a pup at Roseland. BDMLR, who were already in the area, decided to take a look and called to say they think it might need attention.
Issue 7 - Part 1 - 13th February 2009Issue 7 - Part 1 - 13th February 2009
On Tuesday afternoon the Animal Care Team checked the weather and weather reports showed that we had calm seals and light winds, so it was time to say good-bye to at least four of the pups that were ready to go.
Issue 6 - 6th February 2009Issue 6 - 6th February 2009
Our Animal Care Team have decided as we are waiting on clear weather to release eleven of our pups, that Sahara might enjoy some company. As you may not know Sahara is not the bravest of seals and anything new scares him.
Issue 5 - 30th January 2009Issue 5 - 30th January 2009
The Sanctuary received a call on 28th January 2009 about a pup down at the old Lizard Lifeboat station. Dan and Amy headed down to the beach and found a seal malnourished and with a few.
Issue 4 - 23rd January 2009Issue 4 - 23rd January 2009
On 21st January 2009 we had three more pups arrive from West Hatch in Devon. First was Ellie (#62019), a little girl rescued from Portland.
Issue 3 - 16th January 2009Issue 3 - 16th January 2009
This week has seen the grey seals starting an early moult. We have noticed this over the last few years that the seals have started to moult early compared to grey seals in the wild.
Issue 1 and 2 (2009)Issue 1 & 2 - January 2009
Monday 5th January 2009 saw the arrival of Starsky and Hutch, two Asian Short Clawed Otters, to keep Thai company. Starsky and Hutch were born on the 23rd July 2005 at Portsmouth Aquarium. These brothers are three years old, and are a little smaller then Thai, but have lots.


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