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Issue 9
27th February 2009
Release Scotty and Ellie?
As half term is now over with, the Animal Care Team could start planning the next release. All the pups were weighed last week and Scotty and Ellie were getting up to release weight that by the following week they would have put on enough weight.

On Friday at 6am the Animal Care Team were at the Sanctuary ready to load up these two pups.

Scotty was first into the trailer and now we just had to find Ellie. After a 10 minute search, she was found and before Ellie was put into the trailer we weighed her.

Unfortunately Ellie had not put on a single kilo since last week, so for the time being Ellie would have to stay.

As we don't release pups by themselves we had to find one of the other larger pups who was also ready to go. Luckily Emma fitted the bill and after getting her in the trailer we set out for the release site.

The Animal Care Team arrived on the beach a little after 7am (high tide) and dropped the back of the trailer. Emma was first out closely followed by Scotty, and both headed straight for the water.

Emma first out!
Pic above: Emma First Out!
Scotty heading out down the beach Emma heading out
Pic above: Scotty heading out down the beach!Pic above: Emma heading out!
Pup News Update

We now have 15 pups left. ‘Thursday’ has not put on any weight in the last week and is still in the hospital. Olive is also still in the hospital, but with her change of treatment she should be ready to move outside very soon.

All the pups in the convalescent pool continue to put on weight and are also being very noisy.

Residents News Update

All the grey seals in the convalescent pool are now moulting their old winter coats both Snoopy and Fatima are looking very pretty.

Snoopy's new coat!
Pic above: Snoopy's new coat!
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to take up this offer call 01326 221361. Closing Date 1st March 2009.

News Updates for 2009