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Issue 6
6th February 2009
Four Pups Arrive From Devon
This week saw four more seal pups transferred to the Sanctuary from the RSPCA centre in Devon. On arrival we put them into nursery pools 1 & 2, in nursery pool 1 we have Evie, a little girl rescued from Crackington Haven on the 14th January 2009, she weighed 30.8 kilos but was under three weeks old and been abandoned by her Mum. RSPCA pups in nursery pool
Sharing her pool is a pup called Custard Cream, a little boy rescued from Rockham Beach in Devon, on the 26th January 2009, after being abandoned by his Mum also. Custard Cream is a bit of a fussy eater and is being assisted feeding by our Animal Care Team. In nursery pool 2 we have Emma, rescued from Port Gaverne on the 5th December 2008, she had puncture wounds to her flippers and was quiet. Doing well this pup is over 39 kilos. Last but not least is Ken rescued on the 14th January 2009 in Newquay, suffering from injuries to his rear flippers. We are still waiting on another four to be transferred.
Sahara Enjoys Company?
Our Animal Care Team have decided as we are waiting on clear weather to release eleven of our pups, that Sahara might enjoy some company. As you may not know Sahara is not the bravest of seals and anything new scares him. And so four pups, Lauren, Rosie, Holly and Paul, all were moved into Sahara's pool and as predicted Sahara made a bee line for the other end. Sahara and new friends
It has taken him a few days to get used to his new companions but does seem to be enjoying it, especially the extra feeds that the pups receive on a daily basis.
Let It Snow!
Tuesday at the Sanctuary was like a picture postcard when the snow that had effected the rest of the country decided to fall in Gweek. Our Animal Care Team had to be picked up and brought to work as their cars could not get through the snow, but luckily all managed to get here. The residents enjoyed the snow, and were disappointed when it melted.
Valentines Present
If you are unsure as to what to get a loved one this year, why not get a seal adoption. An adoption starts from as little as 20 for a pup. If you would like to adopt one of our long term residents, not only do you get the welcome letter, certificate, seal fact book and fluffy seal, you also get one year's FREE entry to see your resident. For more information click here.

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