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Issue 25
17th October 2009
Residents Update
Convalescent Pool
With nursery pool 2 now closed as we have pups in there, Snoopy has been spending her time between nursery pool 1 and 3. She is also doing less whaling in the pool.

With the breeding season now in full swing, both Marlin and Ray are spending lots of time with the girls.

Common Seals and Sahara
Luna, Sija and Sahara are doing well together and enjoying each others company.

Fur Seals
Andy and Chaff are doing really well with their training and Chaff will now retrieve a target stick from the pool if the Animal Care Team throw it in.

Grey Seals
Both Flipper and Yulelog are doing a little bit of arguing as we are now in breeding season, and Yulelog is been a little bit of a bully.

Flipper spends lots of time in the cave hiding and sleeping in, that on more then one occasion we have had to go in and wake him up.

Sea Lions
Noito, Diego and André are getting on well, we now do random feeds to get them moving around the enclosure a bit more.

André is getting more of a Californian bark and sounding a little more like Rocky.

Starsky and Hutch are now both looking a little trimmer after their diets, and looking forward to Halloween and their pumpkins, which will be a first this year.
Sahara in the common seal's pool
Photo above: Sahara in the common seal's pool
All three after their travels around the sanctuary
Photo above: All three after their travels around the sanctuary
Once again the goats have been good and the ponies and sheep naughty. The ponies have been breaking out again even Muffin managed to find her way out the field.

As you may remember Bluebell, the sheep, would come out of the field and graze on the grass. A few weeks ago they all got out but decided to go on a wander. As Craig, our bus driver, came out of reception he was confronted by three sheep standing there looking at him, Craig a little shocked got hold of the Animal Care Team to escort them back to their field.
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