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Issue 28 Part 2
8th November 2009
Nursery Pool Update
In nursery pool one we have Hedwig, who this week was flipper tagged (06), he has started chasing the fish in the pool, but just needs to be a little bit quicker. Buckbeak tagged (04) (bottom right) is also starting to chasing the fish in the water, Hufflepuff (not yet tagged) (bottom left) is watching Hedwig and Buckbeak chasing fish, but has yet displayed any interest in the fish.
In nursery pool two we have Rebeus and Dudley, both are now feeding on whole fish and putting on weight.
Their rehabilitation is going well and should put on enough weight in the next few weeks to then move into the convalescent pool.
Hufflepuff Buckbeak
SOS Hospital Update
Scabbers (right) who had a broken bone just at the end of one of flippers had to have minor surgery to remove the bone. This was successfully done and Scabbers was a brave boy who was awake while the vet did it. At the moment he has also a little bit of an upset tummy, so has started a course of treatment and should feel better in a few days.

The bucket of water in the picture is so he can get used to fish being in water and learning how to feed.
Hermione Hermione (left) as you can tell from her photo is now back in the hospital. Hermione refused to eat any fish, so she was taken back to the hospital.

In hospital pen 3 Hermione is happy to be hauled out on the side, and has started to eat again. She has also being given a course of charcoal as she has a little bloated tummy, because of trapped wind. Hopefully this will help her and she will feel better. Hermione has also been tagged (02)
Ginny (right) since she has been at the Sanctuary has put on half a kilo in weight. The Animal Care Team are now assisting her with feeding, this means putting the fish in her mouth and rubbing her throat to help the fish move down to her tummy.

Ginny has also been feeling the cold and over the last few nights has had the heat lamp on in her pen.
Angelina Angelina (left) was rescued on the 1st November 2009. We had a call from a member of the public about a seal at Marazion, and sent our team out to take a look. They found the pup on the beach, abandoned by its mother, grazes to her chin and scuffs to her front left and right flippers.

The pup was brought back to the Sanctuary and a full clinical assessment was carried out.
Angelina was weighed and found to be 12 kilos, which for a pup of 2 days old was under weight, 2 kilos less then her birth weight. Angelina is doing well in our hospital and is receiving a course of antibiotics, multi-vitamins and iron tablets.
Luna who was rescued on 28th October 2009 from the Isles of Scilly after being abandoned by her mother is doing well, but still in isolation in our hospital. As you can see from her picture (right) she is starting to moult her fluffy white coat and after a few more days will have completely moulted. She has recently come off multi-milk and has now moved on to fish soup, which she really does enjoy. Luna’s personality is starting to come through now and apart from being a very bright and happy seal, she is also very nosey, but also likes to do a lot of wriggling when we try to tube feed her fish soup. Luna
Dolores The Sanctuary received a call from a member of the public about a seal at St Just on 6th November 2009, as the Sanctuary staff were busy feeding seals in the hospital, we called the BDMLR to go and take a look. They called us back when they had located the pup, the pup had scuff and a wound to its underside and with no sign of its Mum, we decided the pup should be brought back to the Sanctuary. Back at Gweek the pup was weighed and found to be 22 kilos and around two weeks old.
It was put into isolation 3 and its wound to the underside of its belly cleaned and treated, we also found the pup had a couple of loose teeth. The pup was given fluids for the first 48 hours before moving on to fish soup. The pup is a little girl and has been named Dolores.
Sad News
Sometimes even with all the best care in the world by our team we are unable to save all the pups. This week we are very sad to report that on Tuesday (3rd November 2009) Harry quietly passed away. The team had been working hard to get Harry to put on weight over the past few weeks, and over the last week had made great progress and had even managed to start to feed himself. Unfortunately Harry was still losing weight and a second course of worm treatment was given as this may have been the problem.
But despites everybody on the team working around the clock for little Harry, he was unable to absorb the food, and so he quietly passed away.
For the many visitors both to the Sanctuary and the web site, who have been following this little pups story, it does come as sad news, but there are also many other pups that do make a full recovery and will once again enjoy the freedom of the open seas after release.

Harry pictured in the hospital a few weeks ago.
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