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Issue 23
1st October 2009
Third Pup of New Rescue Season
On the 25th September 2009 the Sanctuary received a call about a seal at Padstow. Due to the pup's condition, we recruited the help of the BDMLR. The pup was brought into the Sanctuary and taken straight into main hospital pen number 3.

The pup was weighed and found to be 37 kilos, 3 weeks old and the clinical assessment found that the pup had ulcers to the top of the mouth and a 2 puncture wounds to its tail, but also had wheezing breathing.

The wounds were cleaned and treated and was also given a course of antibiotics.

The pup is a little boy and been named Dudley.
Update: Dudley has nearly finished his moult and once infections have cleared we will put him in water.
Dudley in the main hospital pen number 3
Photo above: Dudley in the main hospital
Patient Update
Both Hermione (bottom left) and Rebeus (bottom right) have now been moved through from isolation to the main hospital.
Hermione still very young is receiving multi-milk and has a welly boot for company.
Rebeus has now started to moult his white fluffy coat and is leaving fur all over the pen.
Hermione in the main hospital Rubeus in the main hospital
Help Us to Help Them.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to sponsor a pup or make a donation towards a pup's rehabilitation, please Click here for more details.

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