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Issue 17
15th May 2009
Release of Seals
On Wednesday morning it was an early start at the Sanctuary as we all came in for the release. Three of our rescued pups were going back to the wild, Michelle, Olive and Thursday. All three were loaded into the trailer, and with Kathy having put on more weight in the last week, we decided that she was fit and well and ready to go. We had a high tide at 8.15am and made it to the beach in plenty of time. As these were all girls we knew that this release would not take long at all.

First out was Olive who managed to roll down the ramp on the trailer closely followed by Thursday, and then our two RSPCA pups Michelle and Kathy. Once in the water all four seals did not look back but went off to play in the surf, and enjoy their new lease of life.
Olive falling out the trailer

Photo above: Olive falling out the trailer
Kathy last but not least to head for water Thursday closely following
Photo above: Kathy last but not least to head for waterPhoto above: Thursday closely following

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