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Issue 10
6th March 2009
Ewe and Lamb Named
We would like to officially announce the new names of our ewe and lamb...drum roll please...our ewe has been named ‘Bella’ and our little lamb, we couldn’t choose between Milly and Bluebell, so as we asked the listeners of our local radio station Pirate FM to help us.

The text vote revealed that the new lamb will be called...Bluebell. Both, now they have names, are up for adoption just click on this adoptions link.
Bella and Bluebell
Pup News Update
We have four pups that are now up to weight and ready for release, which was due to happen at the end of this week, but unfortunately bad weather was forecasted and so this has now been put on hold until next week.

Olive has now finally moved out of the hospital and into the nursery pool with Custard Cream who has yet to put on more weight before she can go into the convalescent pool.

‘Thursday’ is still in the hospital but is slowly putting on weight and has now reached 16 kilos, so hopefully not long until we have an empty hospital.

Pic below: Andy and Chaff
Fur Seals Get Ice-ie

This week with the weather a little warmer, we decided to give Sahara some ice, and thought that Andy and Chaff would like some.

The Aminal Care Team chucked a couple of buckets of ice into the enclosure. With a little bit of squabbling to start with, both settled down and like Sahara, enjoyed munching on the ice.
Chaff and Andy

News Updates for 2009