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Issues 1 & 2 (2009)
Thai, Starsky and Hutch
Pic above: New Holt Approved?
Pup Update
This season rescued pups are continuing to do well and put on weight, next in line for releases are:-

SKITTLES ~ 40 kilos
HUBBARD ~ 38.5 kilos
SAM ~ 37 kilos
APRIL ~ 36.5 kilos
MERLIN ~ 37 kilos
TYSON ~ 30 kilos

All the other pups are doing well. Sophie has been to the vets this week to have an x-ray on her flipper, as she was not using it. The x-ray revealed that she had no broken bones in her flipper, but did have a sprain, she has now been moved out of the hospital and down to the nursery pools.

Rosie is feeding well in the hospital and putting on weight, another few weeks and Rosie will be moved down to the nursery pools to join the other pups.

Pic right: Pups enjoying their re-hab
Two New Friends for Thai

Monday 5th January 2009 saw the arrival of Starsky and Hutch, two Asian Short Clawed Otters, to keep Thai company.

Starsky and Hutch were born on the 23rd July 2005 at Portsmouth Aquarium. These brothers are three years old, and are a little smaller then Thai, but have lots of energy.

At their previous home Starsky and Hutch’s enclosure was indoors so it would be interesting to see how they adapt to living outdoors.

We built an annex area for the new otters, here they could meet Thai safely through a fence, so they could get used to their new surroundings. Thai eager to meet these two managed to get her little paw under the fence and pry back the mesh and get in. Luckily all went well and all three are having a great time together.

Starsky and Hutch are getting used to the outdoors, and doing lots of exploring around the enclosure, Starsky is very vocal and can be heard doing lots of squeaking, we think he is enjoying his new home.

Tuesday morning was a bit of a shock when temperatures dropped to minus eight degrees Celsius, and the otters decided to stay in bed that morning and wait for their pond to defrost.

Both Starsky and Hutch are now available for adoption; if you would like to adopt either of them please get in contact with the Sanctuary.
Convalescent Pool
Thai, Starsky and Hutch

Pic above: Thai, Starsky and Hutch all together in the holt
Helford River
Cold Weather Hits Sanctuary
The cold weather that has descended on the UK has not left out the Sanctuary. Luna and Sija’s pool had ice on it this morning and the Animal Care Team had to go down with a pole and break it. Also the Estuary was frozen on Tuesday morning, making a lovely winter wonderland picture.

Sahara is enjoying the cold weather, reminding him of his native homeland, so is now looking to move to warmer climates.
Helford River
Your View
The Sanctuary would like to hear your views on the new update. Email us at: seals@sealsanctuary.co.uk

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