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Issue 12 - Part 2
20th March 2009
Pup Release Number Two
With the good weather holding this week and five seal pups were released on Monday. Tuesday morning we decided that it was time for another four to leave the Sanctuary.

This time it was Lauren, Sophie, Erin and Holly. With all the these seals being girls, a release would be very quick, and we would be back to the Sanctuary early.

First out was Erin closely followed by Sophie, Holly and then Lauran. As they all made there way down the beach Sophie decided she was not quite ready yet and headed back to the trailer.

It took the team another 15 minutes to try and get Sophie to the waters edge. In the end she headed for the river and the current took her in to the waiting sea.
So who is left...Pups still left at the Sanctuary are Rosie, Paul, Custard Cream, Thursday, Olive, Evie, Shell, Harley and Riley. Harley and Riley are still in the hospital, and Evie and Olive still in nursery pool number 2.

It should not be too long before Riley can be moved out side in to the nursery pools.

Holly Photo above: Holly
Sophie heading back to the trailer Sophie refusing to leave the beach
Photos above: Sophie heading back to the trailer and refusing to leave the beach!
Otters support Red Nose Day
Thai, Starsky and Hutch were all treated to cherry tomatoes last week in support of Red Nose Day.

As you can see from the photo below, all of them had a great time.
Thai support Nose Day
Thai supports Nose Day

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