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Issue 202 - May 2022 Issue 202 - May 2022
Two rescued seal pups still recovering at the Sanctuary before being released back into the wild.
Keep checking for the latest news updates for May.
Fund Our Future - Cornish Seal Sanctuary launches £1.3million fundraising campaign for redevelopment project Issue 201 - 5th May 2022
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary has officially launched a new £1.3million fundraising campaign, as part of a major redevelopment project at the charity´s site in Gweek.
Issue 200 - April 2022 Issue 200 - April 2022
See what the beavers have been up to recently. Two seal releases this month plus one rescued six months old seal pup. Also lots of photos of the residents and pups.
Issue 199 - 11th April 2022 Issue 199 - April 2022 - Sad Passing of the Sanctuary´s much loved Ponies!
We are deeply saddened to announce that this weekend we said goodbye to two of our longest-serving residents at the Sanctuary, ponies Tuppence and Bracken.
Issue 198 - March 2022 Issue 198 - March 2022
This month we have everything from Stormline Gear providing clothing to Seal Releases!
Issue 197 - February 2022 Issue 197 - February 2022
This month we have everything from Beavers to Wellington boots!
Issue 196 - 1st February 2022 Issue 196 - Special Announcement
Time to get your "Local Annual Pass" - on Sale during the month of February 2022 only.
Issue 195 - January 2022 Issue 195 - January 2022
Lots going on this month so keep checking the news update for January.





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