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Issue 5
30th January 2009
Convalescent Pool Weighed
This week as well as weighing all the pups, still have nine ready to go, with Hubbard being by far the heaviest, the Animal Care Team decided to weigh the residents.
Fatima and Snoopy refused to get in the crush cage, but all the other residents did as they were told.
Atlanta ready for weighing, but it's the wrong cage
The weights are as follows:- Atlanta ~ 144 kilos, Ray ~ 163 kilos, Anneka ~ 151 kilos, Marlin ~ 156 kilos, Sheba ~ 160 kilos, and by far the largest is Lizzie at nearly
100 kilos heavier then everyone else is 256 kilos.

Pic above: Atlanta ready for weighing, but it's the wrong cage
Convalescent Pool Weighed
Animal Care Team Restart Night Feeds The Sanctuary received a call on Wednesday (28th January 2009) about a pup down at the old Lizard Lifeboat station. Dan and Amy headed down to the beach and found a seal malnourished and with a few patches of oil on it.

We decided to bring the pup back to the Sanctuary and put it in the main hospital pen 2. The seal was weighed and found to be 18 kilos and about 12 weeks old, so this pup was very underweight for its age. The pup was cleaned with washing up liquid to remove the oil, and the wounds that she had were cleaned and treated and given fluids to help hydrated her. She will be on fluids for 24 hours before moving on to fish.
Pic above: New pup Olive arrived on 28th January 2009
Beware of the Otters
Anyone who has visited in the past knows that dogs are very welcome at the Sanctuary. This week our otters seem to have suddenly taken a dislike to our four legged visitors and this week have been throwing pebbles at dogs through the fence.

Luckily no dogs were actually harmed during their visit, but do beware of our otters for the time being.

Pic below: One of the culprits
One of the culprits
New table for Goats
We would also like to thank Amy’s (one of the Animal Care Team) Mum and Dad for building our goats their own table, Priscilla is enjoying it and likes to be taller then Monty.

Pic below: New table
New table for Goats

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