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Issue 4
23rd January 2009
New Seal Pups Arrive
On Wednesday (21st January 2009) we had three more pups arrive from West Hatch in Devon. First was Ellie (#62019), a little girl rescued from Portland in Dorset on the
12th November 2008, She was 11.6 kilos in weight very malnourished with grazes to her eye and mouth. Second is David (#62025), a little boy, rescued from Puttsborough in Devon on the 19th November 2008 weighing 16.5 kilos and had puncture wounds to body and both rear flippers, and had a cold. Last but not least is Paul (#62022), another little boy, this time rescued from Crantock in Newquay, weight 14 kilos with wounds to flippers and also had a cold.

All three are settling in well but Paul is a little smaller then the other two, and is still ripping up his fish.

New Pup in underwater viewing Luna Excels at Training

Luna continues to do well at her target training and will even come out on to her pallet. Sija is reluctant to do this and prefers to have her fish thrown around the pool so she can chase after them.

Sija is very protective of her ring, and when the Animal Care Team were clearing her pool earlier this week, they moved it out on to the side. Sija darted out of dry pool and put her flipper over the ring as if to say íthis is mine - you are not taking ití.

Pic left: New Pup in underwater viewing
Sija's play ring Luna doing target training
Pic above left: Sija's play ringPic above right: Luna doing target training
Stanley Gets Energetic
Stanley, our resident sheep, has had the Animal Care Team on the move this week, as he managed to get out three times. The Animal Care Team thinking he had been watching the ponies and broken out through the fence, had a bit of a shock when they realised he had managed to get out through the gate by opening it. This has now been reinforced to stop this happening again.
Pup News Update
The bad weather is still causing a problem for the pups that are ready for release back into the wild, we now have nine ready to leave the sanctuary, they are April, Skittles, Fairy, Hubbard, Merlin, Gandalf and Sam plus two of the new ones, Ellie and David.

Pics below: Pups enjoying feeding time.
Pups enjoying feeding time
Pups enjoying feeding time

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