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Issue 7 Part 2
13th February 2009
Released, Rescued & Rehomed
Another Five Pups Go
With the fine weather still holding, another release was in order and Thursday morning we loaded up Fairy, Oscar, Sam, Tyson and last but not least...April and headed out to Porthtowan again.

Arriving on the beach a little after 7am, the trailer was dropped and first out was surprisingly April, she made a quick dash for the water and was in, closely followed by Fairy. The other three decided to hang around for a little longer, next in was Oscar. Tyson and Sam then proved to be a little difficult and refused to head down the beach. The Animal Care Team managed to guide them with herd boards into the river, in there Tyson got a feel for the water and made it in to open water. Sam was less keen and made his way back out the stream and on to the beach, where he sat for at least another 20 minutes. With the reluctance to get his flippers wet, and the tide quickly going out we decided the best thing was to put him back in the trailer and get closer to the water.

If this didn’t work, Sam would be brought back to the Sanctuary and we would try another day. Luckily for both Sam and the Animal Care Team, the second attempt worked and with a little bit of rolling in the waves, Sam headed out to sea.
Pic above: Fairy
Pic above: Tyson
Pic above: Sam
New Pup in Hospital
After releasing nine seals this week, we had a call on Thursday afternoon about a pup at Roseland.
BDMLR, who were already in the area, decided to take a look and called to say they think the pup might need attention. The pup was brought back to the Sanctuary and put in to hospital pen number 1.

She had a few minor wounds to her flippers but was mainly malnourished and weighed just 14.5 kilos. Her wounds were cleaned and she will be given fluids for the first 24 hours and then moved on to assisted feeding of small whole mackerel.
The pup has been named ‘Thursday’.
New Pup called Thursday
Pic above: New Pup called "Thursday"

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