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Issue 29
13th November 2009
Two more pup rescues this week
The Sanctuary continues its rescue season, and with more bad weather predicted over the week end there is no sign of it letting up.

The first of this weeks rescues comes from a member of the public at Sennen who was concerned about a seal on the beach. The seal appeared to be exhausted from the rough seas and had haul out on to the beach.
With the team busy feeding the seals in the hospital, Sanctuary staff called BDMLR, who went out in full force including the Cornwall Seal Group. At the beach the seal was attended by at least five rescuers, the seal has a wound to its rear flippers and so it was decided to bring it back to the Sanctuary.

The pup being around 22 kilos was put in to hospital pen 1 and its wounds to its flippers cleaned and given a course of antibiotics for any infection. This pup is around 6 weeks old and been named Dobby (photo above).
Molly Our second pup called Molly (photo left) was rescued in north Devon from Hartland Point, by BDMLR this little pup needed to rest and given fluids for the journey and so it was decided the best location was Tesco car park, well they do say ‘every little helps!’

Molly was brought in to the Sanctuary and put in to isolation 2, she was malnourished and had a few puncture wounds to her body, she is 4 weeks old and just 12 kilos.
Pup Update
In nursery pool 1 and 2 we have Hufflepuff (07) Rebeus, Dudley, Buckbeak and Hedwig. Hufflepuff is watching the other seals eating the fish but not eating, Hedwig is also watching but at least he is pushing the fish, he just has not managed to figure out how to eat them. Buckbeak also not eating but carring the fish around in his mout.
Dudley thinks slow and steady wins the race and eating the fish slowly.
Rebeus is like a little hoover gobbling up all the fish in nurery pool 1 before sneaking in to nursery pool 2 to gobble up any fish that is left over, and putting on lots of weight as a result.
Hospital 1: Dobby is self feeding and doing really well.

Hospital 2: Scabbers is eating and is in water but having a little trouble getting out.

Hospital 3: Luna (photo right) has been given water in her pen this week and loving it, she has flippers going in every direction and lots of splashing.
Ginny and Hermione Hospital 4: Hermione and Ginny (photo of both left) have now been put in a pen together to encourage Hermione to feed for herself, we only know which one is Hermione as we have already tagged her.
Isolation 1: Angelina (photo right) has still got her white coat and receiving multi-milk, she is doing well and the cutest little seal, and likes to do lots of singing.

Isolation 3: Dolores is still receiving fish soup and is still fat, she also likes to do lots of shouting and flapping her flippers at the Animal Care Team.
Sponsor a Resident or a Rescued Seal Pup
A Christmas present, give the gift of life, sponsor one of our residents or a rescued seal pup. A great alternative gift, also for birthdays, weddings, etc. Click here for more details or contact Rachael Vine, our Adoptions/Fundraising on 01326 221361.

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