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Issue 16
8th May 2009
New Sea Lion Arrives
This week saw the arrival of a new Californian Sea lion, by the name of André.

André used to be housed at Chessington, but they were looking to re-home him, and got in contact with the Sanctuary.

We made preparation for his arrival and on Tuesday 5th May, André arrived at Gweek.

Noito and Diego were very intrigued to see a new sea lion entering their enclosure. André quickly moved passed them and into the water for his first dive into the Cornish water, he was quickly followed by the other two.

Luckily all went well and these three are the best of friends. Diego and André are at the moment competing for the title of noisiest resident at the Sanctuary, and in the lead is André.

Another release planned

With some of our rescued pups looking a little on the chubby side, it was time to do some weighing of pups and see if we had any ready for release.

Of the following seven pups - Olive, Thursday, Michelle, Custard Cream, Kathy, Evie and Harley, we have moved Olive, Thursday and Michelle into nursery pool 3 & 4 ready to be returned to the wild.
André's arrival and heading to the water
Photo above: André's arrival and heading to the water
André exploring his new home
Photo above: André exploring his new home.

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