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Issue 3
16th January 2009
Grey Seal Moulting Starts
This week has seen the grey seals starting an early moult.
We have noticed this over the last few years that the seals have started to moult early compared to grey seals in the wild.
This means the residents are starting to go off their fish, which is great news for our rehabilitating pups as they are now receiving more fish.
Snoopy looking very round
Other Grey Seal News
Breeding season seems to have finally come to an end with both Ray and Marlin going back to being friends and the girls especially Sheba and Fatima all friends again and spending lots of time with each other.
Otter Love Triangle
Thai showing Starsky and Hutch how to wash their food before eating it The new otters have settled in well and the Animal Care Team have got them started on the target training already. Hutch is a little better at it then Starsky but will soon get the hang of it. Hutch has taken a shine to Thai and will follow her around the enclosure all day long.
Unfortunately Thai only has eyes for Starsky, and will follow him wherever he goes. Luckily love does not seem to have interfered with her training, and she is continuing to do well.

Picture above: Thai showing Starsky and Hutch how to wash their food before eating it.
Pup News Update
Gale Force Winds Delay Release of Pups
The release of seal pups that had been planned for this week has to be put on hold due to the bad weather.

This means that "April" is still with us but when the weather fairs a little better, she will be going back to the wild, along with the other six pups that are ready for release.
Sahara New Training
Sahara New Training
Our Arctic Hooded Seal "Sahara" who has been off his training programme for the last few weeks, has now having his training adapted so we can weigh him like we do with all the other residents. Due to the size of the haul out areas around his pool, we are having to do his training in the annexe area next to his pool. Hopefully he will be less scared of this new training and look forward to it.

News Updates for 2009