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Issue 7 Part 1
13th February 2009
Release Finally Takes Place
On Tuesday afternoon the Animal Care Team checked the weather and weather reports showed that we had calm seas and light winds, so it was time to say good-bye to at least four of the pups that were ready to go.

High tide on Wednesday morning was at 6.45am and so everybody needed to be in work for 6ish to start loading. Luckily we had transferred the pups in with Luna and Sija earlier in the week, so it made it a little easier to get them in the cage.

Already for the off Merlin, Gandalf, Hubbard and Skittles were driven the short distance to Porthtowan to be released. We arrived on the beach a little after 7am to find some very large waves, this put in to question if the pups could still be released or a trip back to the Sanctuary was in order and the release delayed.

Suddenly the waves died down and the release was back on much to the enjoyment of both Animal Care Team and seals. The back of the trailer was let down and all the pups decided they were not going to move. First out was Merlin followed closely by Gandalf and Hubbard, and bring up the rear, Skittles.
Now if you have read any of our release stories before you will know that girls are first out the trailer and in the water, and boys follow slowly. This time it was the boys first and Skittles bring up the rear. As the boys made their way out in to the open sea Skittles decided to hang around on the beach to say good-bye to everybody who had helped her.

Ten minutes later and Skittles is still on the beach, and we had to retreat behind a wall, hoping this would encourage her to go in the water. After another 10 minutes crouching behind a wall, Skittles made her way in to the sea. Four down with another five to go on Thursday morning.

Skittles refusing to go in the water!

Pic above: Skittles refusing to go in the water!
Otters Enjoy New Toys
The Animal Care Team have been busy creating new enrichment toys for our otters.

Thai, is really enjoying the new hammock designed by Jenna, and will get the food out of it. Starsky and Hutch are still a little scared of it, but are getting used to it slowly.
Thai finding food
Pic above: Thai finding food
Starsky asking for more food!
Pic above: Starsky asking for more food!

News Updates for 2009 or Part 2 - 13th February 2009