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Issue 26
24th October 2009
Seal Stolen from Sanctuary
DONíT PANIC!! Its not one of our real residents, although the seal that was stolen has been at the Sanctuary for along time.

The seal in question is made of clay and is a one-of-a-kind door stop. The seal was a permanent resident used in our reception building to hold open our back door.

This seal was especially made for the Sanctuary over ten years ago by a company in Hayle, and was given to the Sanctuary.

This door stop has over the years been a great favourite with both staff and visitors alike.

We believe the ísealí was stolen on the 6th October 2009 and we would be grateful for its safe return.
Unfortunately we do not have a picture, but we have put together an artists impression of the seal.

If you have an information on the whereabouts' of this seal, please call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361 or email us at
Artists impression of seal
Photo above: Artists impression of seal
Pup Update
Rubeus doing well in nursery pool 2 with Dudley and Hermione who was moved down on Wednesday (21st October 2009). All three are having a great time.

Harry (photo right top - looking for food) is slowly putting on weight put needs a few more kilos before we can add water to his pen.

Buckbeak (photo right bottom - enjoying his swim) is now in the main hospital pen 2 and to help with his face to heal we have put water in his pen.

Ginny is in isolation 1, also continues to put weight on and has a welly boot for company as she is so young.

Hedwig in isolation 2 is a little chubby and spends most of his day sleeping.

Hufflepuff is a very large seal and like to shout and show her teeth when we go in to feed and teat her.
Harry looking for food
Buckbeak enjoying his swim
Otter becomes a Mum
As some of you may remember at the beginning of the year we had two new otters arrive at the Sanctuary, but due to a few arguments between Thai, Starsky and Hutch, we had to look at re-homing Thai at another centre.

We did eventually find Thai a new home with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Martin Mere in Lancashire.

In Lancashire she met a new male otter by the name of Ned. It was love at first sight for Thai and Ned, over the last few months both have been inseparable and also Thai has been putting on weight.

The weight increase was because Thai was going to be a mummy and just a few short weeks ago Thai gave birth to 3 kits. Thai is a natural mum, and gets very protective of her kits when the team at Martin Mere go in to check on them.
Hopefully the Sanctuary will have some more up to date news from Alex and his team in the next few weeks, as the kits get older. Here are the pictures so far...

(Photos below were taken by Alex Sawyer from
Martin Mere, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
New otter kits
New otter kits New otter kits
Sponsor a Resident or a Rescued Seal Pup
A Christmas present, give the gift of life, sponsor one of our residents or a rescued seal pup. A great alternative gift, also for birthdays, weddings, etc. Click here for more details or contact Rachael Vine, our Adoptions Coordinator on 01326 221361.

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