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Issue 30
20th November 2009
Local Rescue
On Monday 16th the team received a call about a seal down at Kynance Cove that needed our help. The team headed out and found a little seal around 4 weeks old and wounds to its rear hock, this pup was mid moult but running a high temperature due to infection. The pup was up lifted off the beach and brought back to the Sanctuary, with the hospital full, the pup was put into our temporary pen, its wounds were cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics started to help fight the infection. The pup has been named Pigwidgeon. Pigwidgeon
UPDATE: Pigwidgeon (photo above) has now been moved to the outside nursery pool 4 due to the pup being quite fat, as when the pup arrived it weighed at 39 kilos. Unfortunately Pigwidgeon refuses to come out of the cave and go in to the water, he is a very grumpy seal.
RSPCA Seal Arrives for Rehab!
Stinkweed Our first pup from the RSPCA arrived this week for its rehabilitation with other seals. This pup named ‘Stinkweed’ (RSPCA chose to name their pups after wild flowers and plants) was rescued on the 4th October 2009 from Puttsbrough in Devon, this pup was malnourished and weighing only 13 kilos, with wounds all over its body which were infected. The pup was given a course of antibiotics and wounds cleaned and treated. On Wednesday 18th November 2009, this pup was transferred to the Sanctuary and is now in nursery pool 3.
Pup Update

This week Dudley (photo below left) and Rubeus (photo below right) were moved into the Convalescent Pool, both look to tiny to be in the big pool, but lucky none of the residents are picking on them these two are sticking together and if one wanders off too far then the one left behind will yell to find out where the other one has gone.
Rubeus and Dudley in convalescent pool

Pups In nursery pool 2 we have Hufflepuff, Hedwig and Buckbeak, now the bigger boys have moved into the Convalescent Pool, it does mean that these guys can start to eat more fish before their food is taken, unfortunately Hedwig and Hufflepuff are still playing more with the fish then eating it. Buckbeak’s face has nearly healed and you would not even know the pup had a large wound to the side of his face.

In the hospital Molly has now moved out of isolation number 2 and moved into pen number 1 of our main hospital.

Molly now has got water in her pen everyday and is really enjoying it, just not when this picture was taken but is feeding by herself.
Luna Luna is doing well in water and feeding well, this pup is doing ok.
Scabbers is another one who has to be encouraged into the water to feed, but once in the water he loves it. Scabbers
Ginny and Hermione are still in a pen together both are eating well, but Hermione is still a little bloated but not as big as she was.
Luna Scabbers
Isolation 1 - Angelina still has not moulted her white coat, but is driving the team to distraction with her singing all day long. Luna
Isolation 3 - Dolores is doing well and now also has water in her pen, but refused to have her picture taken and hides under the haul out area - sorry followers she would not cooperate, hopefully next week.
Sponsor a Resident or a Rescued Seal Pup
A Christmas present, give the gift of life, sponsor one of our residents or a rescued seal pup. A great alternative gift, also for birthdays, weddings, etc. Click here for more details or contact Rachael Vine, our Adoptions/Fundraising on 01326 221361.

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