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Issue 28
8th November 2009
Pups Eleven & Twelve Arrive
This week saw the arrival of two more pups 'Angelina' (bottom left) who was a two day old seal rescued from Marazion near Penzance and 'Dolores' (bottom right) who was rescued from the Cot Valley near St. Just. Both are in our hospital and in the isolation pens receiving expert care from the Sanctuary team. Check out their pages 'This Seasons Rescues' for full details.
Angelina Dolores
Residents Update
Convalescent Pool
Fatima is being a greedy seal at feeding time and before the team can get in through the gate, she has got her head in the bucket and trying to steal the fish.

Snoopy is being a little more cheerful and has even been doing some swimming in the pool.

Atlanta and Marlin are really hungry at the moment and so we have increased their fish.

As we are still in breeding season, Marlin has taken an interest in Lizzie, unfortunately Lizzie is having none of it and gives Marlin a telling off.

Ray is being very 'sweet' according to our Animal Care Team and being a good boy - it must mean he is planning something.

Common Seals and Sahara
Sija and Sahara are becoming friend-ish. At feeding time Sahara will chase Sija around the pool trying to get extra fish, but Sija is a little more agile then a hooded seal. Target training is going well and Sija has learnt to wave at the crowds, which was a surprise to the Animal Care Team as we had not taught her this.

Fur Seals
Andy is very keen with his target training and very focused at trying to do everything right. Chaff on the other hand has had an interesting week when a seagull managed to fly into his enclosure unlucky for the seagull as he did make it back out.

Grey Seals
For our two oldest boys we are now coming to the end of their ‘breeding’ season and after Yulelog bite Flipper on the nose at the beginning of the week, and Flipper decided to fight back, things have settled down and now the boys are getting back to being the best of friends.

Sea Lion Pool
André has had his food upped as he was looking hungry. All have being doing target training through the underwater viewing windows, apart from Diego who refuses to do and waits on the haul out area for his fish.
Tamara feeding the grey seals in the convalescent pool
Photo above: Tamara feeding the grey seals
Tamara doing target training with Andre
Photo above: Tamara doing target training with André
Otter Creek
Starsky is being a good boy and will now target on the top of the waterfall while Jenna walks to the other side of the enclosure, hopefully Hutch will learn to do the same over the coming weeks.

We have weighed the goats and the sheep this week. Stanley weighs in at 106 kilos, Bella - 81 kilos and Bluebell - 69 kilos. The goats - Monty - 42 kilos and Priscilla who stood on the scales before the Animal Care Team were ready, obviously keen to get weighed was 24 kilos.

Bracken is upset at not being able to roam around the Sanctuary now that we have fixed his fencing, he has taken to rolling in the mud after every bath.

Reef is now controlling the squirrel population at the Sanctuary as this week he managed to catch one.
Sponsor a Resident or a Rescued Seal Pup
A Christmas present, give the gift of life, sponsor one of our residents or a rescued seal pup. A great alternative gift, also for birthdays, weddings, etc. Click here for more details or contact Rachael Vine, our Adoptions/Fundraising on 01326 221361.

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