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January 2021


Official Statements from the Seal Sanctuary
Update : 4th January 2021 - Jana Sirova, the General Manager for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said "Dear Seal Sanctuary Friends, as England is entering another national lockdown with immediate effect, we will be closing our doors to visitors as from 5th January 2021 until further notice. Both the team and animal residents will be very sad not to see you all for a while again, but we remain hopeful this measure is only temporary.

Please stay safe and you can always rely on our social media to provide you with daily doses of cuteness of rescued seal pups going through rehabilitation and all of the residents´ antics, while the team will continue to look after them. Please call 01326 221 361 or email for assistance with existing bookings.!"

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are really proud to present Hannah Stitfall, Megan McCubbin, Lucie Donlan and Doug Allan asking you to help them to "Put Pups First", with some basic guidelines on what to do with seal pups you come across on the coastline and how you can help the Seal Sanctuary to help them, by supporting the appeal. Click here to watch the "Put Pups First" video.

Due to Covid-19, this season is going to be a particularly tough one for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, so any support you can give, will go towards the rescue efforts for 2020/21. Thank you.

To help support the rehabilitation work or support by purchasing a gift from the Sanctuary´s shop -

Rescued Seal Pups 2020/21
An amazing way to start the first day of the year - releasing of five seal pups back into the sea during the morning of 1st January 2021!

Camembert, Eliza, Hetty, Taffy and Truffle completed their rehabilitation and the time came for them to be released from Dollar Cove.

Click here to watch the video of the release.
Seal Release - 1st January 2021
Seal Release - 4th January 2021 Grapefruit, Tim Tam and Pork Pie were safely released back to the sea on 4th January 2021 at Dollar Cove.

They have all successfully completed their rehabilitation and are now back in their natural habitat, healed from their ailments and injuries.

Click here to watch the video of the release.
Definitely allowed to play with your food when you´re this cute!
Here´s gorgeous girl Sprout having a snack.
Buffalo Wing´s wounds are looking so much better now. It will not be too long before he is released back into the wild soon.
Sprout on 4th January 2021 Buffalo Wing - 26th December 2020 - Photo credit : Paul Harding - Visitors
The whereabouts of the pups in the outside rehabilitation pools on 25th January 2021:-

Nursery pool 1 - Guinness and Pigs in Blankets
Nursery pool 2 - Chips and Pilchard
Nursery pool 3 - Basil, Fish Fingers and Sushi
Nursery pool 4 - Bubble & Squeak and Stuffing
Rehabilitation pool - Buffalo Wing, Haggis (photo right), Hot Dog, Nacho, Poppadom and Sprout
Fish Fingers Fish Fingers, 3 - 4 weeks old female grey seal pup, was rescued on New Year´s Day 2021 by marine mammal medics from the BDMLR.

She was found underweight, with a minor wound or her rear left flipper and had some breathing difficulties.

The seal pup spent a few days at one of the BDMLR´s facilities and then transferred to the Sanctuary on 15th January 2021. Click here to read more.
Mayonnaise, 2 - 3 weeks old whitecoat male seal pup, was rescued on 6th January 2021 by the BDMLR.

He was found malnourished and underweight with some breathing issues.

Mayonnaise has now moulted his whitecoat and is doing really well. The animal care team have been gently feeding him whilst he learns how to feed for himself and he is recovering in the seal hospital. Click here to read more.
Egg Egg was rescued on 8th January 2021 by the BDMLR.

This beautiful female melanistic seal pup meaning pure black, not usual in grey seals, was found malnourished and with a suspected respiratory infection with a very unusual coat!

Click here to read more.
Scampi, a female grey seal pup, was rescued on 22nd January 2021 from Carbis Bay beach by the BDMLR.

She was rescued due to having intermittent breathing, infected nail beds on her front flippers and some mottling in her right eye. Click here to read more.

Photo Credit : Alison Davey - BDMLR
Scampi - Alison Davey - BDMLR

This Valentine´s Day
Valentine's Day With Valentine´s Day around the corner, why not treat your loved one to a Cornish Seal Sanctuary adoption?

You can help support the well being of the amazing animals at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary by purchasing one of the animal adoptions and get it delivered straight to your valentine´s door!

Click here for more details.

Click here to watch the short video.

Happy 19th Birthday Marlin!
The staff celebrated in true Sanctuary style on Saturday 30th of January in honour of Marlin´s special day with a fantastic ice fish cake created with love by the animal care team!

Marlin´s limited vision hasn´t stopped him from excelling at husbandry training, and he is a firm favourite with both staff and visitors!
Happy 19th Birthday Marlin!

If you find a Seal in the Wild
For over 60 years the Sanctuary has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing pups from the Cornish coastline and beyond that find themselves in trouble, whether it be eye problems, respiratory infections and malnourishment to broken bones, pollution-related problems and being separated from their mother too soon.
BellaBella being checked by the Animal Care Team
A quick reminder that if you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 and/or the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on 01825 765546.

DO keep your distance;
DON´T attempt to handle or touch the pup;
DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea;
DON´T ignore the situation;
DO tell the appropriate organisation.

When you ring an appropriate organisation, please be prepared to give an exact location of the seal, your contact details, what condition is the seal in for example is it alone, thin, injured or seems unwell (noisy breathing, coughing, runny nose). Tell people around you to keep clear of the seal by at least 50 metres, if you can, draw a circle in the sand around the pup.

Remember most often seals come out of the water on to land to rest, digest after eating their food, relax and sleep.

What to do if you find a dead seal on beach!

If you come across a dead seal, the advice is not to touch or go near it, please call Cornwall Wildlife Trust on 0345 201 2626 or go to their Website.

3D Virtual Reality Gift Shop
3D Virtual Reality Shop gifted to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary amid financial crisis Visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s Virtual Shop

For more information on how you can support the Cornish Seal Sanctuary please visit the website, email or call 1326 221361.

Post Release Monitoring of Seals
With each update we will name any tagged seals spotted in the wild by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) around the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:-

Shuttle on 1st January 2021
Strawberry Shortcake and The Shining on 1st & 11th January 2021
Sam on 1st, 14th & 18th January 2021
Footloose and Platypus on 11th & 18th January 2021
Jonesy, Joy Division, Orion, Pascoe, Rocket Dog, Wonder Woman on 11th January 2021
Riley on 11th, 14th & 18th January 2021
Jewell and Petunia on 14th January 2021
Pippin on 18th January 2021
Shirley on 31st January 2021

The above information regarding tagged seals seen in the wild is copyright of the CSGRT.

Each seal´s fur pattern is unique and enables the CSGRT volunteers track them for life. Seals face many challenges, yet we all depend on them to balance our marine ecosystem. This is essential to make the oxygen we breathe. Seals are our globally rare wildlife tourist attraction, helping diversify coastal economic prosperity.

(c) Photo Credit : Sue Sayer (CSGRT) - Pascoe (left) Rocket Dog (right)
Pascoe Rocket Dog

This news update has been put together by volunteers/supporters of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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