Issue 194 - December 2021 Issue 194 - December 2021
Have you heard about becoming a member of the Sanctuary´s S.O.S. Squad Team?
Issue 193 - November 2021 Issue 193 - November 2021
Have you been watching "Meet the Seal Pups - Virtual Experience" on Saturday afternoons? and find out what the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has planned for Christmas!
Issue 192 - October 2021 Issue 192 - October 2021
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary WITCH-ES you a Happy Halloween.
More rescued seal pups are arriving in the hospital.
Issue 191 - September 2021 Issue 191 - September 2021
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary launches their new #PutPupsFirst campaign. Four rescued seal pups have arrived in the hospital for care and rehabilitation.
Issue 190 - Summer 2021 Issue 190 - Summer 2021
Resident seal, Banana, has been predicting the Euro 2021 football games! She even appeared on the local television and radio news for Cornwall.
Issue 189 - June 2021 Issue 189 - June 2021
The Patrons of SEA LIFE Trust Charity visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary recently.
Issue 188 - May 2021 Issue 188 - May 2021
Meet the latest addition to the Sanctuary´s ambassador´ family and find out how the rescued pups are getting on.
Issue 187 - 21st April 2021 Issue 187 - Sad Passing of our Dear Friend Badger!
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our little bundle of fun, and dear friend Badger.
Issue 186 - April 2021 Issue 186 - April 2021
The Seal Sanctuary will re-open again as of Monday 12th April, please book your entrance tickets in advance for your future visits! - the seals are very ready to see some faces other than the staff!
Issue 185 - March 2021 Issue 185 - March 2021
The "Big Secret" is out...On 15th March 2021 during the Country´s National #Lockdown the Cornish Seal Sanctuary are incredibly excited to announce two rescued beaver sisters from Scotland have now moved into the "Beaver Nursery".
Issue 184 - February 2021 Issue 184 - February 2021
Catch up with some of the things going on behind the closed doors at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary over February including a seal release. Totally amazing the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have won two Gold Awards!
Issue 183 - 28th January 2021 Issue 183 - Sad passing of much loved Steve - Pygmy Goat
It´s with heavy hearts that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has announced the passing of our dear old friend Steve the Pygmy Goat.
January 2021 Newsletter Issue 182 - January 2021
As England enters another national lockdown, the Cornish Seal Santuary have to temporarily close the doors to visitors as from 5th January 2021 until further notice.


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