Issue 125 - December 2016 Issue 125 - December 2016
Lots of photos of the residents at the Seal Sanctuary plus an update on all the rescued seal pups.
Issue 124 - November 2016 Issue 124 - November 2016
Grey seal pups Seal, Orca, Manatee, Loris and Common seal pup Icy were the first official release of the season 2016/17 released back into the wild on 25th November 2016 at Gwithian beach.
Pumpkin celebrates his 6th Birthday with a fantastic fish cake! Issue 123 - October 2016
Resident grey seal Pumpkin celebrated his 6th Birthday on Halloween Day...very spooky!
Natalie, a member of the Animal Care Team, made him a fish cake...looks delicious!
Issue 122 - September 2016 Issue 122 - September 2016
An unusual start to the rescue season, Dan says goodbye and lots more.
Issue 121 - Summer 2016 Issue 121 - Summer 2016
Last rescued pup of the season is released, can you find dory, lots of photos, plus find out why it is bad to feed wild seals in the Cornish harbours.
Issue 120 - May 2016 Issue 120 - May 2016
Meet Harris, even more pups are released and some already gone are spotted in the wild.
Issue 119 - April 2016 Issue 119 - April 2016
Meet Apricot, more seal pups released back to the wild this month and lots more.
Issue 118 - March 2016 Issue 118 - March 2016
Seal pup updates, monitoring released seals and DNA tests.
Issue 117 - February 2016 Issue 117 - February 2016
The first seal pups of the 2015/16 season to be rescued off Cornwall were released back into the wild on 4th February 2016.
Issue 116 -  January 2016 Issue 116 - January 2016
Winter storms have resulted in so many grey seal pups needing help that rescue operations came very close to capacity earlier this month.


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