Issue 65 - 25th December 2011Issue 65 - 25th December 2011
Catch up on the latest rescued pups which came into the Sanctuary between 13th and 21st December... More>>
Issue 64 - 9th December 2011Issue 64 - 9th December 2011
This winter Sheba (photo below) turned 40 years old which now makes her the oldest female grey seal in captivity in the world, but still has an eye for the younger man and still has a thing for Ray... More>>
Issue 63 - 23rd November 2011Issue 63 - 23rd November 2011
Three rescued seal pups and one seal pup was returned to the wild... More>>
Issue 62 - 4th November 2011Issue 62 - 4th November 2011
Catch up on the latest rescued pups which came into the Sanctuary between 26th October and 2nd November... More>>
Issue 61 - 6th October 2011Issue 61 - 6th October 2011
Catch up on the latest pup rescues & releases and read about the antics of our residents here at the sanctuary... More>>
Issue 60 - 17th August 2011Issue 60 - 17th August 2011
Following the last release the Animal Care Team were looking forward to a short break before the start of the next rescue season, so imaging their surprise when not one, but two seal pups ended up in the Seal Hospital in July!... More>>
Issue 59 - 27th May 2011Issue 59 - 27th May 2011
We have finally released all our pups from this winter´s rescue season apart from one little Pumpkin who is still here at the Sanctuary... More>>
Issue 58 - 29th April 2011Issue 58 - 29th April 2011
We still have 14 rescued pups still with us, but hoping to do a release in the next few weeks... More>>
Issue 57 - 9th April 2011Issue 57 - 9th April 2011
With this week having great weather and nine pups up to weight, we set about preparing for releases on 6th and 7th April... More>>
Issue 56 - 3rd March 2011Issue 56 - 3rd March 2011
At this time of the year our pup rescue work at the Sanctuary should be coming to the end, but on the 21st February 2011 we had another arrival at the hospital... More>>
Issue 55 - 4th February 2011Issue 55 - 4th February 2011
At this time of the year pup rescue´s should start to slow down, and yet there is no end to the current rescue season in sight. The last two pups also came in on the same day, and both are little boys... More>>
Issue 54 - 25th January 2011Issue 54 - 25th January 2011
We have released seven seals (Boo, Roz, Wellington, Dap, Andy´s Platform, Fats Domino and the noisiest pup Rocket Dog) back into the wild on Monday 24th January 2011 at Gwithian... More>>


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