December 2020 Newsletter Issue 181 - December 2020
Resident seals, sealions and penguins were surprised for the re-opening of the Sanctuary with ice fish cakes on 3rd December!
November 2020 Newsletter Issue 180 - November 2020
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary will re-open on 2nd December 2020 - book your entrance tickets in advance. The Staff thanked the Brilliant Simon Reeve for visiting the Sanctuary whilst on his filming adventures in Cornwall! Did you see the BBC2 programme?
October 2020 Newsletter Issue 179 - October 2020
More rescued seal pups are arriving in the hospital.
September 2020 Newsletter Issue 178 - September 2020
Meet Empanada and other rescued seal pups.
Apricot passed away on 26th August 2020 Issue 177 - Great Sadness to announce the passing of Beautiful Apricot
It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have announced the passing of the 16 year old female Asian Short-Clawed Otter Apricot.
Summer 2020 Newsletter Issue 176 - Summer 2020
We will update the Summer issue throughout July and August.
June 2020 Newsletter Issue 175 - June 2020
How can you do the Virtual "Sprint for Seals" Fundraising Challenge for June 2020? The Seal Sanctuary has re-opened again as of Friday 19th June 2020, book your tickets in advance.
June 2020 Newsletter Issue 174 - Sudden Passing of our Dear Friend André
It is with devastated hearts that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary announces the sudden passing of our dear friend André, the California Sea Lion on 11th June 2020.
May 2020 Newsletter Issue 173 - May 2020
A few more #lockdown videos for you to watch! The residents are missing you all.
April 2020 Newsletter Issue 172 - April 2020
Captain Hook, Willy Wonka, Elmer and Frida were released back into the wild on 1st April 2020.
March 2020 Newsletter Issue 171 - March 2020
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is now temporarily closed as from 21st March 2020 until further notice.
February 2020 Newsletter Issue 170 - February 2020
Latest update on the rescued seal pups at the Sanctuary!
January 2020 Newsletter Issue 169 - January 2020
Have you met the latest rescued seal pup Captain Hook yet plus his friends at the Sanctuary? Aayla is a true star this month was featured in national newspapers and on Facebook. Plus another 7 seal pups have completed their rehabilitation and were returned to the wild in January.


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