Dan's BlogDan´s Blog for 2012
Dan Jarvis, a member of the Animal Care Team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, will be writing regular conservation blogs throughout the season...More>>
Issue 72 - Winter 2012Issue 72 - Winter 2012/13
Travis makes lots of noise and Snoopy is not happy... More>>
Issue 71 - Autumn 2012Issue 71 - Autumn 2012
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s first arrival of pups for the 2012/13 rescued season started on 28th September... More>>
Issue 70 - Summer 2012Issue 70 - Summer 2012
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary finally said goodbye to the last of the 2011/12 rescued seal pups with the release of Amelia, Champion and Amber on Friday 3rd August 2012... More>>
Issue 69 - 31st May 2012Issue 69 - 31st May 2012
Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team decided to do a massive seal pup releases as the weather in Cornwall was good and the high tides were on their side... More>>
Issue 68 - 20th March 2012Issue 68 - 20th March 2012
This winter has seen the busiest rescue season in the history of the Seal Sanctuary. Since July we have seen over 60 pups come through the rehabilitation facility... More>>
Issue 67 - 27th January 2012Issue 67 - 27th January 2012
On 17th January 2012 it was a trip to Gwithian for the release back to the wild of Marti Pellow,
Andy Murray, David Attenborough, Ronseal and Finn... More>>
Issue 66 - 8th January 2012Issue 66 - 8th January 2012
This Christmas and New Year has really kept the Animal Care Team on their toes with lots of seal pups being admitted to our hospital and two pups transferred to us from the RSPCA.... More>>


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