December 2019 Newsletter Issue 168 - December 2019
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary couldn´t do their work without you.
November 2019 Newsletter Issue 167 - November 2019
Are you thinking about Christmas...well the Seal Sanctuary have some ideas for you.
October 2019 Newsletter Issue 166 - October 2019
The Sanctuary announce their new Ambassador, the latest pups updates and Ray celebrates his 18th birthday!
September 2019 Newsletter Issue 165 - September 2019
The Rescue season has started and pups starting to arrive in the seal hospital. Have you worked out the naming theme for the 2019/20 seal pups rescue season?
Summer 2019 Newsletter Issue 164 - Summer 2019
The remaining five rescued seal pups for 2018/19 were released back into wild in July. Has your doggie tried the Sanctuary´s ice cream yet? Also Live Music Wednesday evenings in July/August 2019.
Happy Birthday Squidge Issue 163 - June 2019
The Animal Care Team celebrated Squidge´s first birthday earlier this month.
A very dear Old Friend Snoopy Issue 162 - Sad News - 14th June 2019
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are deeply saddened to announce the passing of very dear old friend Snoopy.
Beloved Resident California Sea Lion Issue 161 - Sad News - 29th May 2019
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are sad to announce that Sunny, six years old California Sea Lion, born at Wuppertal Zoo in 2012, passed away earlier this month.
Issue 160 - May 2019 Issue 160 - May 2019
Don´t forget Dogs are always welcome at the Seal Sanctuary, this handsome dachshund enjoyed his recent visit. Eight seal pups were returned back in to the wild.
Issue 159 - April 2019 Issue 159 - April 2019
Another 5 seal pups have completed their rehabilitation and were returned to the wild in April. One seal pup was rescued late this month. There are still 12 pups who need to put on a bit more weight.
Issue 158 - March 2019 Issue 158 - March 2019
Busy first Seal Release of the year, lots of pup updates and a guest comes to stay for a month.
Issue 157 - February 2019 Issue 157 - February 2019
On 18th February 2019 the Sanctuary officially launched the brand new play area. "Discovery Cove Playground" mixes education with fun, allowing children to learn whilst playing.
Issue 156 - January 2019 Issue 156 - January 2019
Find out about "Put Wildlife First" and "Love Your Beach", plus lots more.


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