Issue 53 - 13th November 2010Issue 53 - 13th November 2010
Over the last few weeks, the stormy weather has been making its return to the Cornish coast, and pups are getting into trouble... More>>
Issue 52 - 4th November 2010Issue 52 - 4th November 2010
The newest pup came into the Sanctuary on the 22nd October 2010. We received a call from a member of the public about a seal pup at Newquay... More>>
Issue 51 - 23th October 2010Issue 51 - 23th October 2010
We now have 11 pups at the Sanctuary receiving rehabilitation with our expert team, we are now have more pups in the hospital then we did at this same point last year... More>>
Issue 50 - 13th October 2010Issue 50 - 13th October 2010
Since the 24th September 2010, we have had a quiet week, with a few phone calls but none of those seals needing our help. This was to change on the 1st October when the weather started to get a little rougher and a call from Dave Jarvis (BDMLR)... More>>
Issue 49 - 4th October 2010Issue 49 - 4th October 2010
On Friday 24th September 2010, the Sanctuary received a telephone call about a possible abandoned pup at Portreath. Amy from the Animal Care Team here at the Sanctuary set off with cage and rescue kit and headed out... More>>
Issue 48 - 18th September 2010Issue 48 - 18th September 2010
This winter's pup season has started with our first two patients arriving at the Sanctuary, first there was Boo followed the next day by Pearl.... More>>
Issue 47 - September 2010Issue 47 - September 2010
A member of the Animal Care Team is travelling up to Colchester Zoo on the 16th September 2010 to pick up another Common Seal. Babyface lost his partner Jasmine back in July and as Colchester have no plans to bring any more seals in to their collection... More>>
Issue 46 - 31st July 2010Issue 46 - 31st July 2010
On Friday the 23rd of July 2010 it was time for our last pup Gilderoy to be released. Gilderoy had taken a little longer to put on weight and learn to feed for himself but the time had come for him to return to the wild... More>>
Issue 45 - 11th July 2010Issue 45 - 11th July 2010
Gilderoy who is now reached 39 kilos will be released in a few weeks time. As he is the last pup at the Sanctuary from the 2009-10 rescue season, his release will be a little different, normally this is done on the beach but he will be released via a boat... More>>
Issue 44 - 9th May - 30th June 2010Issue 44 - 9th May - 30th June 2010
As you can all see from the dates it is a little while since our last update so apologies and thank you for staying with us! May and June are normally quiet months here at the Sanctuary as most of the pups will have been released and the Animal Care Team are making preparations for the next rescue season... More>>
Issue 43 - 8th May 2010Issue 43 - 8th May 2010
As you may remember in our last update we told you about Sahara sadly passing away here at the Sanctuary. Before this happened a number of staff at the Sanctuary were planning on walking the ten highest mountains in the UK in 48 hours in aid of Sahara’s new arctic pool... More>>
Issue 42 - 24th April 2010Issue 42 - 24th April 2010
The Sanctuary is very pleased to announce that we now have a colony of five Humboldt penguins. We have one adult female called Ivy and four chicks, two sisters (red chick & blue chick) and two brothers (green chick & pink chick) yet to have names... More>>
Issue 41 - 22nd March 2010Issue 41 - 22nd March 2010
Things have been a little hectic at the Sanctuary over the last few weeks. We have been releasing seals that were ready to go and preparing for Easter and the new arrival of penguins... More>>
Issue 40 - 1st March 2010Issue 40 - 1st March 2010
Since our last update the Sanctuary has managed to do three releases at Gwithian, Church Cove and Porthtowan... More>>
Issue 39 - 15th February 2010Issue 39 - 15th February 2010
Pups 46 and 47 arrived at the Sanctuary this week. The first we received a call on 11th February 2010 from a member of the public at Perranporth to inform us that there was a seal on the beach with a severe netting injury around its neck. Volunteers were despatched... More>>
Issue 38 - 6th February 2010Issue 38 - 6th February 2010
Another three pups rescued this week arrived from Newquay, Porthcurno and Godrevy. All the rescued pups are still available for adoption... More>>
Issue 37 - 29th January 2010Issue 37 - 29th January 2010
As there is no change with the residents, all are feeding well, but with the pups there have been a few moves... More>>
Issue 36 - 24th January 2010Issue 36 - 24th January 2010
Another rescue by the sanctuary came on Wednesday 20th January 2010 after a call from a staff member at the Tate St. Ives who had come across a seal on Porthmeor Beach... More>>
Issue 35 - 8th January 2010Issue 35 - 8th January 2010
Residents at the Sanctuary were enjoying the snow that fell on the 7th January 2010. Unfortunately the Sanctuary was closed to visitors, but the Animal Care Team battled through the snow to attend the pups and feed our residents.... More>>
Issue 34 - 2nd January 2010Issue 34 - 2nd January 2010
The National Seal Sanctuary would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope to see you all in 2010. This Christmas and New Year has really kept the Animal Care Team on their toes, with pups being admitted to our Hospital.... More>>


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