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Issue 56
3rd March 2011

Number 48 - hopefully the last
At this time of the year our pup rescue work at the Sanctuary should be coming to the end, but on the 21st February 2011 we had another arrival at the hospital.

The pup was found very late on the 21st February 2011 on Porthgwidden Beach at St Ives. The pup was found to be malnourished and was brought here to the Sanctuary, where it was met by the Animal Care Team at around midnight.

The pup was weighed before the clinical assessment was started and found to be around 18 kilos, it was estimated to be around 3 months old, malnourished and very dehydrated.

This pup also had old wounds which were infected so a course of antibiotics was started to help to fight the infection. The pup is a little boy and has been named Manny.

Update: Manny has now been moved through to the main hospital and is feeding for himself.
Manny now in the main hospital
After nearly a month the Sanctuary finally got a break in the weather and a release could be planned. On Monday 28th February 2011 the weather was still looking good for the next few days, so we loaded up six seals that had already reached, and exceeded target weight.

Pups ready for release were Pearl, Sulley, Mike, Rex, Buzz and Robert.

Mike and Sulley were the last in the water after going back in the trailer and underneath.

Francis is now a little lonely after his best friend Robert was released, you can help Francis feel he has a friend by adopting him.
Last to go Mike and Sulley
Photo above: Last to go Mike and Sulley
Photo left: Manny now in the main hospital
Residents Updates
Convalescent Pool
All the adults have now started their annual moult and most can be found sitting on the side of the pool and especially this week enjoying the sunshine.

The caves are also being enjoyed by the residents:- Anneka in cave 1, Ray (photo below) in cave 2 and Sheba and Fatima sharing cave 3.

Sheba has also been spending time sleeping in the pool by the underwater viewing windows and the pups have been daring each other to swim over to her and poke her to see who can without waking her up.
Ray starting to moult
Upstanding, maybe not!!
Both our Fur seals, Andy and Chaff, have been put on a diet and extra training put in place to shed the extra pounds.

Andy is so large he has been unable to stand on his rear flippers, but on a positive note he will lie down on command and hold. This is a command he will respond to without being asked...We think he is getting a little lazy and would be more then happy to lie down everyday and do his training.
Grey Seals
Flipper has retreated to the cave as he starts his annual moult, and Yulelog is on guard at the entrance to make sure no one bothers him.

It does mean the team have to go to the cave and feed Flipper plus he is receiving some extra fluid in his fish so he does not get dehydrated.

Marlin (photo below) is being a good boy and keeping out of trouble, training is also going well and he is increases with confidence everyday. The team have also started to train Marlin next to the window.
Marlin keeping out of trouble
Common Seals
Luna, Sija and Babyface are all feeding ok and Sija likes to spend her mornings floating around in her rubber ring watching the Animal Care Team clean the pools and the entertainments team wash all the windows.

In the afternoon all three like to haulout near the boat and sleep in the afternoon sunshine.
Sea Lions
All three sea lions, Noito, Diego and André, managed to completely trash the pallet that we use to weigh the sea lions, so a new pallet will need to be sourced.

All three sea lions are focused on their training and each have an individual member of the Animal Care Team.

All are growing up very quickly and Diego (photo below) is receiving an incredible 11 kilos of fish a day!!
Diego soaking up the sunshine
Starsky and Hutch have been busy over the last few weeks and even managed to catch a squirrel, which they were found eating in their enclosure.
The otters have also had their pool cleaned and both continue to do well with training.
Andrew keeps getting out of the field and can normally found roaming around the Sanctuary, before he gets spotted by the Animal Care Team and jumps back over the fence.

To give both Andrew and Steve some exercise, the team have been taking them for a walk.

Ponies are spending their time rolling in the mud, and Stanley, the sheep, has taken a dislike to the volunteers this week and keeps butting them.
Humboldt Penguins
Our penguins are growing, but Gilbert and Piran´s feet seem to be growing faster and most days these two will trip over their own feet, knocking into the other penguins standing on the rocks, this has lead to a new game Penguin Domino´s.
Pups Update

We now have just two pups in the hospital Manny and Pumpkin, who was moved back to the hospital due to a recurring urine infection.

Pumpkin (photo below) is receiving a course of antibiotics but seems to be improving everyday.

Gypsy and Dot both are doing well and putting on weight. Dot has a trendy new hair do and has two stripes on the top of her head.


Flo and Bullseye. Bullseye has now been moved from the pup rehabilitation pool to this nursery pool with Flo to compete for fish.


Guido is by himself and he needs to gain more confidence but feeding well for himself after his problems with his jaw. He spends his days shouting and sounds like a girl.


After a short stint in the hospital Wall-E is now in nursery pool 4 with Jessie. Wall-E has put on 2 kilos in weight. Jessie (drum roll please...) is eating fish all by herself and chasing it around the pool hip hip hooray, and is gaining in confidence.


Crush passed away earlier this week on Wednesday.

Petunia is doing really well and now in the convalescent pool fighting for her fish.

Gruffalo is hanging out by the gates we think he wants to be back in the nursery pools! Hopper is now in the Convalescent Pool after putting on lots of weight.

Ugg is now best friends with Mirage.

Poppy is recovering from a cough she has had over the last week.

Dory spends her days screaming at the top of her voice and chasing the other pups in the pool.

Nigel is now in the main pool after putting on 2 kilos in weight, but has the strangest looking fur as it seems orange and brown.

Francis is a very large seal and one of the ones ready to be released, he does have a little eye problem but is receiving treatment for it.

Woody is the bravest little seal and on Saturday (26th February 2011) managed to get himself in the middle of the adults on the side of the pool and hoover up the fish they can´t find. This seal we think will find himself in hot water when the girls realise another seal is taking their fish.

And last but not least is Dug (photo below) who spends most of his time asleep. Dug can sleep through anything including pool cleaning with a pressure washer. Where all the other seals move out the way, Dug looks at the machine making a very loud noise shrugs and goes back to being asleep. This seal´s snore is so loud it can compete against the cleaning equipment.

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