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Issue 58
29th April 2011

Residents Updates
Convalescent Pool
All the residents have now finally moulted and are all looking very pretty in their new coats, except Atlanta who for another Spring has not managed to grow a new coat and is still completely bald.

Ray has started to hang out in the corner of the pool closest to the gate ready for feeding time.

We still have 14 rescued pups still with us, but hoping to do a release in the next few weeks.
Residents Updates
Grey Seals
Flipper, Yulelogs and Marlin have now finished moulting and are all look very handsome in their new coats.

Yulelogs is still keeping a close eye on Flipper who still refuses to come out the cave, at least until the fish comes along then it is every seal for himself!

Marlin is progressing well with his training.
Residents Updates
Sea Lions
It is at this time of the year when Noito and Diego start to play fight on the haul out area, which is proving entertaining for our visitors.

André disappointed at the lack of attention from the visitors, he has taken to barking very loudly at the top of his voice through the afternoon.
Fur Seals
Despite weeks of exercise and diet, Andy still has the extra pounds. The Animal Care Team have tried to get him moving around the enclosure and do extra enrichment but he just lies in one place until the Animal Care Team gives in and throw a fish to him.

Chaff is looking a little trimmer and due to the hot weather over the last few weeks we treated him to an ice block. Normally they would have to wait for the ice to melt, but Chaff has learnt if he picks it up and throws it at the windows, the ice breaks off leaving him to get at the fish. Unfortunately Chaff´s aim is not too good and he missed the window and it went flying off the wall and into the Grey Seal pool, where Marlin was very pleased with the unexpected treat, Chaff very disappointed was in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day.
Both Starsky and Hutch were treated to Easter Eggs over the weekend no chocolate but strawberry and blueberry egg shaped, which were enjoyed by both.
Humboldt Penguins
Barney seems to be settling in a little better, but still no love for him and Ivy.

You may remember a little while ago we put a plastic penguin bath toy in their enclosure, but with no interest in it. We tried the same a few weeks ago and suddenly the penguins don´t like it and all the penguins ganged up on the plastic penguin and started to peck at it, but after a little while soon lost interest as feeding time was fast approaching.
Tuppence is back to wearing her coat as the horse flies started to bother her again.

Goats are staying exactly where they the field.

Sheep are enjoying the attention from the visitors.

Reef is still doing his daily patrols of the Sanctuary.

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