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Issue 55
4th February 2011

Two more arrive in hospital
At this time of the year pup rescues should start to slow down, and yet there is no end to the current rescue season in sight. The last two pups also came in on the same day, and both are little boys.

First into the hospital was Bullseye who was rescued from Godrevy on 22nd January 2011. He was picked up by the BDMLR and transferred to the Sanctuary and into the hospital´s isolation pen. The team carried out a clinical assessment and weighed 15 kilos and was around 6 weeks old. He was malnourished with cuts to rear flippers and a positive stain to his left eye and a course of antibiotics was started including a course of eye drops.

Update: Bullseye has now been moved through to the main hospital and is self feeding on fish, he just needs to put on a little more weight before being moved outside to the nursery pools.
Bullseye now in the main hospital
The second to arrive the same day was Wall-E another little boy but this time from Mousehole, with the team busy doing a clinical assessment on Bullseye, the BDMLR asked to collect the pup.
An hour or so later the pup arrived at the sanctuary and was put into an isolation pen, so the team could start an assessment.
Wall-E weighed 19.5 kilos with puncture wounds to rear flippers and problems breathing.
Update: Wall-E is now self feeding and his having water in his pen on a daily basis and in the next few weeks will move outside to the nursery pools.
Wall-E now in the main hospital
Photo above: Wall-E now in the main hospital
Photo left: Bullseye now in the main hospital
Another from Guernsey
On Sunday 30th January 2011 we had another pup arrive from Guernsey which was rescued by the GSPCA, this pup is a little girl and around 8 weeks old, rescued due to malnourishment.

She has arrived at the Sanctuary to continue her rehabilitation before being released back to the wild.

She has been named Smithy and is currently in the pup rehabilitation pool by herself but will hopefully have some new friends once she has settled in.
Pups Update
We have had a few moves at the sanctuary and a few pups up to release weight but bad weather has set back the releases.
Here is a list of pups where they are currently at the sanctuary and their weight.
Nursery Pool 1
Gypsy - 16.5 kilos
Hopper - 22 kilos

Nursery Pool 2
Dot - 16 kilos
Flo - 15 kilos
Nigel - 19 kilos
Nursery Pool 3
Pumpkin - 24 kilos

Nursery Pool 4
Buzz - 36 kilos
Guido - 25 kilos
Gruffalo - 21 kilos

Convalescent Pool
Pearl - 34 kilos
Sulley - 43 kilos
Mike - 46 kilos
Rex - 36 kilos
Francis - 38 kilos
Robert - 43 kilos
Dug - 49 kilos
Ugg - 33 kilos
Billy - 31 kilos
Convalescent Pool
Poppy - 29 kilos
Nemo - 26 kilos
Woody - 24 kilos
Teddy - 27 kilos
Splash - 23 kilos
Mirage - 23 kilos
Russel - 23 kilos
Coral - 23 kilos
Dory - 23.5 kilos

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