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Issue 54
25th January 2011

Residents Updates
First we would like to say sorry for the long time between updates. Once again the Sanctuary has had a very busy winter rescuing grey seal pups from around the South West coastline. You can check out all the latest news by clicking here to read about this season´s rescues.
Latest Pups
We have had a couple of new arrivals, first was Guido rescued on the 15th January 2011 from Porthgwidden, St Ives. This little boy was 25 kilos but had bite wounds to flippers and face. He is 16 weeks old and this week was moved through to the main hospital from isolation 2. He is doing well and self feeding hopefully it will not be too long before he moves to our outside nursery pools and mixes with other pups.
Next was Flo rescued on the 18th January 2011 from Porthmeor also at St Ives, she was 8 weeks old and weighed 16 kilos, she had ruckley breathing puncture wounds and a missing tooth.
Grey Seals
We are now in the middle of the rescue season for grey seals and we now have many in the convalescent pool. The residents are behaving themselves.
Convalescent Pool
Snoopy seems to mellowed over the summer and was happy to go into the convalescent pool with the others, she has even taken to going swimming in the pool with the other residents.
Sheba has taken to being the new 'Magnus' in this pool. A few years ago we had an old male seal in this pool who used to sit in the corner and wait for feeding time, Sheba now likes to do the same thing.
All the girls are looking well rounded in time for their annual moult.
Ray gave one of the team a bit of a scare the other day when he came up behind them, all he wanted was the water from the hose sprayed into his mouth.
Snoopy (photo below) also celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend and all the staff sang happy birthday to her and a few extra fish thrown her way.
Flipper, Yulelog and Marlin
As per every year there are always an argument or two in this pool between Flipper and Yulelog. Both have received a few wounds which are being treated by the Animal Care Team, but as always it does not last long and both are back to being best friends.
Marlin (photo below) is doing well with target training despite his lack of vision and puts his trust in the team completely, he will now come out fully on to the haul out area, he can still have his grumpy days, and will sit at the other end of the pool near the waterfall where the team cannot get to him if he does not want to do his training.
Common Seals
It has been 4 months now since Babyface arrived here at the Sanctuary and he has fully settled in with his new family Sija and Luna.
Fur Seals
Andy and Chaff, our fur seals, have put on a few kilos over the winter months so both are now on new year diets to shed those extra pounds. Training continues do well with both Andy and Chaff.
Sea Lions
Visitors to the Sanctuary over the last week have had a bit of a treat, as we had cleaned out the sea lion´s pool and it took a few days to refill. It meant feeding the sea lions from the outside of the enclosure, but visitors at the underwater viewing windows managed to get a good view and the children where comparing their height to sea lions, the sea lions were definitely taller.
André is still sounding like a squeaky door and continues to bark on a daily basis. Photo below: Noito
Sea Lions
Humboldt Penguins
The penguins have been enjoying some new enrichments toys, we have been using bath toys. Unfortunately the penguins showed no interest in them, so the toys have now been removed and its back to the drawing board for new games.
We have also been trying to weigh the penguins, so at feeding time we bring the scales into the enclosure in the hope they will stand on them, but it is taking a while for the penguins get used to the new object, and refuse to stand near it. All the penguins are feeding well and we have started to introduce small herring to their diet, which seems to be a big hit.
Starsky and Hutch, our otters, have had an increase in food as the winter months have been a little on the chilly side. Starsky and Hutch have had an extra chick in their food box, also have been treated to mill worms, which get hidden around the enclosure, where they have to use their little hands to get at the worms. Hutch has also overtaken Starsky and is now the bigger of the two.
All the animals in the paddocks have had extra food over the winter due to the cold, and are all looking nice and healthy.
The ponies are still managing to poke their heads through the fence and trying to eat the extra long grass just out of their reach.
Reef (photo below) is still doing daily patrols of the Sanctuary, checking and making sure everything is ok.
Strange Goings on!
Paranormal Investigators spentan evening at the Sanctuary recently, confirming strange noises and going-ons at Gweek. Staff had heard voices in the main reception building and seen things down at the seal pools. The ouija board done later in the evening revealed Isabelle Rose who had passed away in 1928, but had arrived at Gweek on a boat, we are now doing some research to find out if this is true.
Strange Goings on
Seven seals released
Seal Release Seal Release
Boo, Roz, Wellington, Dap, Andy´s Platform, Fats Domino and the noisiest pup Rocket Dog
were released back into the wild on Monday 24th January 2011 at Gwithian.

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