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Issue 61
6th October 2011

Rescued Pups Update for 2011/12
Zara Phillips (photo below) arrived at the Sanctuary on 30th September 2011 from Boscastle, due to the location of the pup it was decided that a phone call to members of the north Cornwall volunteers of the BDMLR could get to the pup faster than us and they headed out to check on the pup.

They found that the pup had been abandoned by its mother, was malnourished and thought to be around 10 days old. A call was made to the Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary and they recommended that the pup be brought straight to the Sanctuary.

At the hospital the pup was weighed and found to be 14 kilos with puncture wounds to its body and a graze to chin, and over 50% oil coverage. The wounds were cleaned and treated and the pup was started on a course of antibiotics.

Update: Zara Phillips is doing well and is now in the main hospital, hopefully over the next few days, she will start to eat fish and be able to have water in her pen.
Zara Phillips
Ronseal (photo below) was transferred to the Sanctuary on 2nd October 2011 from Secret World in Devon, the pup had been found around Pontihead near Bristol, on the 24th September 2011; the pup was around 4-5 weeks old when it was transferred to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

The pup is a little lardy weighing in at 31.5 kilos but has a swollen flipper and puncture wounds.

Ronseal is happy feeding on fish, but will need a trip to the vets as we think he might have a broken bone in his flipper, the pup will need an xray to confirm this.

Update: On 4th October 2011 Ronseal was booked into see the vet, an xray was carried out and did confirm as we suspected that the pup did have a broken digit in his flipper, this will now have to be removed via an operation and he should start to feel a lot better.
Kate Humble is getting better at feeding in the convalescent pool and with Fred now gone, she will hopefully be putting on more weight as at the moment Humble weighs in at 28 kilos which should take around a month or so and Humble can spend Christmas back out in the wild.
Finn (photo below) was transferred to the Sanctuary also on the 2nd of October 2011 but this pup came from the West Hatch RSPCA centre.

Rescued from Crackington Haven in north Cornwall on the 29th of August 2011, the pup was believed to be also around 4-5 weeks old with puncture wound to its body.

Finn is at the Sanctuary to continue its rehabilitation before being released back into the wild.

Update: Finn is in isolation 3 and is enjoying his time here at the Sanctuary; his pen is being filled with water and will hopefully progress through to the main hospital in the next week or so.
Fred Dibnah (photo below) who was rescued on 22nd July 2011, had reached the 40 kilo mark and was ready for release, unfortunately the bad weather over the last few weeks had managed to scupper our plans, but thankfully with the fine weather we were all set to release him on Wednesday morning (28th September 2011) at Church Cove.

So very early (around 7.30am) Amy and Dan loaded up Fred in a cage and headed down to the beach.

At the beach with photographer (Craig Hardman) camera ready in hand, it was time for Fred to be returned to the wild. With the morning a little dark and cloudy Craig decided he needed a better lens on the camera, so Craig headed back to his car leaving Dan and Amy and Fred waiting, but with the cage door unlocked, Fred decided he could not wait and pushed his way through the now open door and headed straight to the water.

With Amy and Dan both yelling at Craig the pup was out and on his way, Craig came sprinting down the beach and managed to get these few shots of Fred heading back in to the wild.
Fred Dibnah
This year's pup names
This year´s theme for pup names is "My Hero". We have been asking all team members and members of the public to tell us who their hero is; this could be a family member, a famous celebrity or just someone who has had a positive impact on their life.
Residents Updates
Convalescent Pool
Snoopy still refuses to go into the pool not even at feeding time.

Ray has started to hang out in the corner of the pool in Magnus´s old spot (for anyone who remembers Magnus).

Atlanta has started to grow fur along the top of her head and a strip down her back, sporting her own Mohican.

Ray (photo below) is also getting a lot of attention from the girls as we are now coming into breeding season, especially Sheba and Anneka.
Grey Seals
Flipper is getting very lazy at feeding time and is now when asked to roll into the pool; he just rolls around on the side and gets in the way of the gate, making it very difficult for the team to get out of the enclosure after feeding time.
Yulelogs (photo below) is doing the trick of splashing when he does not get feed fast enough not only splashing the Animal Care Team but also some of the visitors.
Common Seals
With breeding season long over with Luna and Babyface are still spending lots of time together in the pool, with Babyface still following her around looking doe-eyed at her?
Sija is having extra playtime with the Animal Care Team at lunch times playing with the surf board and the ball.
Babyface can also be found sitting out on the side before and after feeding time.
Common Seal
Fur Seals
Both Andy (photo below) and Chaff are in tip top health but Andy does have a little bit of arthritis in his flipper making him a little slow on land but still managing to give Chaff the run around at feeding time in the water.
Lots of random feeding and throwing of fish around the enclosure gives these boys a real treat at feeding time.
Fur Seals
Sea Lions
André (photo below) still continues to be the noisiest resident at the Sanctuary especially when it comes to the end of feeding time.
Noito and Diego still like to growl at each other and when this happened the other day, it did not scare one little visitor but she suddenly squealed 'piggy' making the other visitors laugh but was told by her mummy 'no dear its a sea lion'.
Humboldt Penguins
Lola is recovering well after all the problems with the hair clip, and there is love in the air at the penguin sanctuary but not how we expected it to happen.
Ivy, our adult female, has fallen for Piran, one of our young males but will have to wait another 12 months before he comes up to a breeding age.
Gilbert (photo below) not only greedy with the fish is also being greedy with the ladies, but can not decide between Lola and Ruby.
Barney likes Ruby but only gets a look in when Gilbert is not around.
Humboldt Penguins
Starsky and Hutch are both feeding well and spending lots of time playing.
Both are having treats of monkey nuts first thing in the morning and at last thing at night when we put them to bed.
Andrew and Steve still like to get out of their field and have a walk around the Sanctuary, yet when the Animal Care Team takes them for a walk they refuse to go!!
All the sheep and ponies are being good and staying where they should be.
Reef is being friendly with all the staff and even coming for cuddles and especially on Wednesday mornings when the staff get breakfast.

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