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Issue 64
9th December 2011

Residents Updates
Convalescent Pool
This winter Sheba (photo below) turned 40 years old which now makes her the oldest female grey seal in captivity in the world, but she still has an eye for the younger man and still has a thing for Ray.
Snoopy has been spotted swimming in the pool with the others, but still manages to make her way out the pool at feeding time and sit by the gate ready for the Animal Care Team.
Fatima still continues to wind Snoopy up but sitting by her on the side of the pool.
Anneka, Atlanta and Lizzie are feeding well and enjoying the extra company from the rescued seal pups.
Grey Seals
It´s breeding season again and as in previous years Yulelog (photo below) likes to display his dominance, Flipper has no inters in this and just wants to be left alone so he can sleep at least until feeding time comes along.
Marlin is now coming confidently out the pool at training time.
Common Seals
Babyface (photo below) is still following Luna around the pool even now breeding season is over, maybe this is true love and both doing incredibly well with training.
Sija is getting lots of extra attention from the Animal Care Team and lots of enrichment and play at feeding time.
Common Seal
Fur Seals
Andy and Chaff (photo below) both have good days and bad days with training, Chaff keeps forgetting his left from right and nearly caught a gull the other day, luckily for the gull Chaff was more interested in the fish being thrown to him by the Animal Care Team.
Chaff - Fur Seals
Sea Lions
Noito (photo below) and Diego have had their fish increased and are now receiving 17 kilos of fish a day each helping to maintain their 249 kilos in weight and we are sure they could still eat more!
André has had his training increased and will now do a full circle as well as going into the annex area, so if we ever need to separate them it makes it easier.
Humboldt Penguins
Our six penguins (Ivy, Barney, Lola (photo below), Gilbert, Piran and Ruby) have been putting on weight and building up their fat reserves in time for winter, these guys have been known on some days to eat just under a kilo of fish each.
Humboldt Penguins - Lola
Starsky (photo below) and Hutch are doing well and continuing to entertain our visitors not only at the Sanctuary but on "YouTube" where you can see Starsky juggling a stone, this has been view around 7,000 times so far.
Latest Pup
On the 4th December 2011 the Sanctuary received a call from Dan (a member of the Animal Care Team) who was on a day off, to say he was heading out to a stranded dolphin in Veryna with members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).

While he was dealing with that incident we received a call about a seal on Perranporth beach and as members of the BDMLR team were close by, we asked them to head over while we finished our morning schedule of feeding pups in the hospital and cleaning out pools.

A phone call from Dan and information from the BDMLR medics, we found out that the pup was malnourished and would need to come in to the Sanctuary. Wayne our site manager headed out with cage and kit to pick the pup up from a garage near Truro, so that the BDMLR team could head out to the dolphin stranding. After getting the pup safely transferred Wayne headed back to the Sanctuary where members of the Animal Care Team were busy preparing an isolation pen.

The pup on arrival had a very obvious injury as its head was twice the size it should be, and had possibly suffered some kind of head trauma.
The pup was weighed and found to be 17.5 kilos malnourished at 10 weeks old, a small puncture wound to belly and a swollen mouth and lips, but thankfully all teeth intact. Due to the faulty head wound has been named Basil Fawlty.

Update: - Basil is doing well and the swelling has now gone down and looks more like a normal seal.
Basil Fawlty

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