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Issue 59
27th May 2011

2010-11 Rescue Season Comes to a Close...nearly
The National Seal Sanctuary has finally released all it´s pups from this winter´s rescue season apart from one little Pumpkin who is still here at the Sanctuary.

The last pups to go all went within a few days of each other as we had good weather. On the 12th May 2011 it was a trip to Church Cove a few minutes drive from the Sanctuary to release Smithy and Wall-E. Nigel was due to go that morning but over night had moved from the convalescent pool which was being drained to a nursery pool which meant we could not catch him up. The following day we caught Nigel and it was a quick drive to Church Cove to release him.
Pup released at Porthtowan Above: Pup released at Porthtowan
Nigel released at Church Cove Above: Nigel released at Church Cove
On Monday 16th May 2011 it was a trip to Gwithian to release the next lot this included Manny (No. 38), Lightning McQueen (No. 39), Bullseye, and Gruffalo, all four seals headed for the water and it was back to the Sanctuary to prepare for the day ahead.

On Tuesday 17th May 2011 are last remaining pups fit and healthy and ready for release were loaded early and headed out to Porthtowan, these included Flo, Gypsy, Dot and Coral once again all went with out a hitch which just left one back at the Sanctuary.
Post Monitoring Release - How Can You Help?
The Sanctuary not only relies on the public to spot injured or abandoned seals but to help with the post monitoring release. If you are out and about the Cornish coastline and you spot a seal, it may be a seal we have released in the past, the Sanctuary would like to know about any of these seals, we need to know it´s location (where you saw the seal), the colour of the tag (each rescue season we use a different colour tag, this year white tags), the date you saw the seal and the behaviour of the seal.
Then contact the Sanctuary at the following:-

Via email:    Text: 07788 526 308   Tel: 01326 221361
Residents Updates
Convalescent Pool
With all the pups now released, the residents in the convalescent pool can now have new enrichment games with the Animal Care Team. One such game is a empty cider barrel and the other a surf board.

Anybody who lives in Cornwall should know how to surf and we think our residents should be the same, one of our oldest ladies is Anneka who can be found lying on the board using her front flippers to paddle around the pool.

Another resident very keen on surfing but has invented her own style of surfing, she does it upside down...for those with better eyesight underwater then above!

With one nursery pool still in use but the others are open, we would have expected Snoopy to retreat back to her "bedroom" this has not been the case and is still spending her time in the convalescent pool with the other seals, this may be because she is hungry but also enjoying lots of swimming.

Ray has taken over Snoopy´s role and now hangs out in the nursery pool 2.

Lizzie is the biggest resident and is on a diet, but does need to exercise a little more as sitting on the steps is not going to burn calories.

Fatima (photo below) has been bucket spotting when the Animal Care Team come in to the enclosure, and will chase them along the haul out area, then sticking her head in the bucket to get the fish before the rest of the seals.
Humboldt Penguins
Over the last week the Sanctuary has had some very gusty and windy days, and this has put our penguins in a little bit of a crazy mood, zooming around the enclosure very fast and leaping on to the side of the pool.

One of our Lola did this and came flying out the pool on to her belly on the sand scaring the member of the Animal Care Team who was picking up fish from the feed the penguins did not eat.

In preparation for breeding season, there have been lots of activity and furniture removal in the nest boxes.

Lola has been taking a leaf out the seals book by being a nuisance at cleaning time trying to peck the legs of the Animal Care Team, her sister Ruby is watching very intently but is not yet brave enough to copy.
All the ponies have had a bit of pampering and blue rinses, to help with the fly that are bothering them. Tuppence looks very smart with her new hair re-growing.

The goats and sheep are getting friendlier. The goats have been on a few walks around the sanctuary.
Hello, it's me again
Flipper (photo below) is finally back in the pool after months of being in the cave going through his moult. Flipper is very hungry and lively and is receiving extra glucose in his fish, he is spending lots of time sitting on the top step sleeping.

Yulelogs can be found at feeding time sitting under the waterfall waiting for the team to come along at feeding time.

Marlin loves Flipper and wants to be his new best friend!
Yulelogs near the waterfall
Overweight or just big boned?
You remember how Andy had piled on the kilos over the winter, despite months of dieting, he still weighs in over 230 kilos and refuses to lose the weight...maybe he is just big boned!

We have also started to cage train both Chaff and Andy, we have no plans to move these two but it is part of a routine we get our animals to do if we do need to do this for any reason. Both are also spending lots of time sunbathing any chance they get.
New members needed for Choir!
The Sanctuary´s Californian Sea Lion, André (photo below), is hoping to start his own sea lion choir, and most days holds auditions over lunchtime at the enclosure. André does lots of practising during the day and keeping our visitors amused.

Diego is doing well with training but sometimes will take the bucket after the last fish call just likes to check the bucket to make sure.

Noito is very big and fluffy a little absent minded at the moment.
Starsky and Hutch have been doing lots of play fighting and sunbathing. Starsky is still doing his juggling everyday but loses lots of stones through the fence.

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