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Issue 194
December 2021


A huge Thank You to everyone who donated to Stockings for Seals this year, here are some the residents enjoying their treats and goodies thanks to your amazing generosity!

All of the staff, residents, volunteers and rescued seals at the Sanctuary, wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

We are calling on all SEA LIFE Trust supporters to Support the Sanctuaries and become a part of the new squad.

You can support the rescue, rehabilitation and release work by giving each month and becoming a
squad member.

By joining, you will receive exclusive email updates throughout the year to show how your donation is supporting the Sanctuaries - including animal rescues, rehabilitation progress and
sneak peaks into the work of the animal care team.

There are three tiers of membership, from £5 per month to £7, depending on which pack option you´d prefer. Visit the Sanctuary´s website to find out more!
Become a S.O.S. Squad Member
Click here to watch a short video about the new S.O.S. Squad.

It is always sad to say a fond farewell to the rescued seal pups each season after their care and rehabilitation at the Seal Sanctuary. This time the staff said "au revoir" to Barley , Moana, Nudibranch (Nudi-B) , Sea Cucumber , Puffin, Coral and Urchin on 15th December 2021 at Dollar Cove.

Click here to watch the video.
These photos of the rescued seal pups, Blue Shark, Coraline*, Nemo, Sapphire, Sponge, Squid, Starfish, Tykey and Verity* were taken between 28th and 30th December 2021.

*Verity and Coraline were moved down from the hospital to the outside nursery pools late in the afternoon of 30th December 2021. Two new rescued seal pups arrived on 31st December 2021, more details to follow soon once they have settled into their new temporary environment in the hospital.

Click here or on the image of your choice below to see a larger version. Enjoy!
Blue Shark Coraline Nemo Sapphire Sponge Squid Starfish Tykey Verity

Photo Gallery
We hope you enjoy the selection of photos taken in December 2021, click here or on the photo of your choice below to see a larger version.

Since Norbert moved into the wild woodland enclosure with Barbara and Twiggy in September 2021, we realised we hadn´t given a recent update! As you can see, the three are getting on "swimmingly"! They have settled in very nicely to their new woodland home, building dams and munching on lots of Willow.

We are also very pleased to announce we now have
Beaver adoption packs! You can support Barbara, Twiggy and Norbert and the vital research that takes place within the Sanctuary by purchasing a pack.

purchase your adoption, please visit - their adoption page or give the Sanctuary a call on 01326 221 361.
At the moment the Beaver Nursery is currently under maintenance to allow the Sanctuary to provide a temporary home for more beaver orphans in the coming months!

Who was excited for the Sanctuary "Christmas Grotto"?

Lots of children and dogs! joined the Seal Sanctuary team, meeting Father Christmas (and Mrs Claus!)

The Grotto was open during the following dates:-

4th - 5th December
11th - 12th December
18th - 24th December
Times : From 11.30am to 3pm

Click on this link to view a poster to find out what was going on during the December fun!
Sanctuary's 'Christmas Grotto'
For gifts, visit the Sanctuary´s online shop

If you would like to purchase a special gift for the animals at the Sanctuary, click on this link
Stockings for the Seals

Have you purchase your Calendar for 2022?
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary 2022 calendar is now available! Full of wonderful pictures taken by our guests during their visit, you can enjoy the faces of the Sanctuary every month.

This would make a
perfect gift for the seal fan in your life! Visit to get yours or pop into the Sanctuary´s gift shop to pick one (or several for friends and family) up!

Dogs are
A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.

To purchase an adoption, simply call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 or purchase your adoption pack during your visit!   Please click here for more details.
Did you know that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary loves well behaved dogs! Dogs are always welcome at the Sanctuary provided they are kept on a lead.

Please do not leave dog(s) in your car during your visit. Also don´t forget to bring some poo bags with you to clear up after your dog(s).
Click here to download a printer friendly pdf version of the Sanctuary´s leaflet.

Click here to view the latest Sanctuary´s map.
Animal Adoptions Dogs are always welcome Leaflet for 2021

Put Pups First Car Sticker Sanctuary´s Shop
Help US to help the
Cornish Seal Sanctuary
during this rescue season by putting Pups First Appeal 2021/22! For more details Click here.
Make sure you pick up your free Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s Car Sticker when you next visit!
They are on display in the gift shop and the reception area.
To help support the rehabilitation work or support by purchasing a gift from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s online Shop.
Put Pups First Car Sticker - 2021 Virtual Shop

If you find a Seal in the Wild
For over 60 years the Sanctuary has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing pups from the Cornish coastline and beyond that find themselves in trouble, whether it be eye problems, respiratory infections and malnourishment to broken bones, pollution-related problems and being separated from their mother too soon.
BellaBella being checked by the Animal Care Team
A quick reminder that if you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 and/or the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on 01825 765546.

DO keep your distance;
DON´T attempt to handle or touch the pup;
DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea;
DON´T ignore the situation;
DO tell the appropriate organisation.

When you ring an appropriate organisation, please be prepared to give an exact location of the seal, your contact details, what condition is the seal in for example is it alone, thin, injured or seems unwell (noisy breathing, coughing, runny nose). Tell people around you to keep clear of the seal by at least 50 metres, if you can, draw a circle in the sand around the pup.

Remember most often seals come out of the water on to land to rest, digest after eating their food, relax and sleep.

What to do if you find a dead seal on beach!

If you come across a dead seal, the advice is not to touch or go near it, please call Cornwall Wildlife Trust on 0345 201 2626 or go to their Website.

Post Release Monitoring of Seals
Each released seal pup is given a flipper tag with an unique ID number. This helps the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) to track and monitor where pups end up and how they are doing once they are back in the wild.

This month the following seals were spotted in the wild by members of the CSGRT from around the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:-

Jenga (photo below), Petunia, Snowdrop and Spiderman on 2nd December 2021
Beast on 2nd, 7th & 23rd December 2021
Shuttle on 2nd, 16th & 23rd December 2021
Orion on 2nd, 6th, 13th, 16th & 28th December 2021
Hungry Caterpillar on 5th December 2021
Cary on 6th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 23rd & 26th December 2021
Rocket Man on 6th & 13th December 2021
The Shining on 6th & 16th December 2021
Shirley on 11th & 22nd December 2021
Alpha, Polurrian and Wham on 13th December 2021
Joy Division on 13th, 24th & 30th December 2021
Riley and Billie Jean on 16th December 2021
Strawberry Shortcake on 16th & 30th December 2021
Prudie on 26th December 2021
Noodle and Jonesy on 30th December 2021

Jenga - © Photo Credit - Sue Sayer - CSGRT
Jenga - Photo Credit - Sue Sayer - CSGRT
The above information regarding tagged seals seen in the wild is copyright of the CSGRT.

By monitoring the behaviour of seals after release back into the wild, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the CSGRT can use this information to define the best practice standards and policies that they can share with the international rescue community.

Each seal´s fur pattern is unique and enables the CSGRT volunteers track them for life. Seals face many challenges, yet we all depend on them to balance our marine ecosystem, which is essential to make the oxygen we breathe. Seals are our globally rare wildlife tourist attraction, helping diversify coastal economic prosperity.

As from 1st of November 2021 to Spring 2022, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary will be open from 11am until 4pm, with last entry at 3pm. Thank you to everyone who has visited so far, your support allows the Sanctuary to take care of the wonderful animals. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary couldn´t do the work rehabilitating poorly and injured seal pups or provide vital life-long care for the residents without you.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary will not be open on Christmas Day.

This news update has been put together by volunteers/supporters of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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