Sea Cucumber was rescued on 6th November 2021
Sea Cucumber, a male grey seal pup, was rescued from Sennen Cove on 6th November 2021 by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) marine mammal medics.

He was rescued due to respiratory infection and superficial wounds. Also a broken digit on his rear left flipper which had to be removed by the Sanctuary´s vets Head and Head.

The pup´s wounds are healing nicely and once the flipper has healed, he will be ready for a swim!
Sea Cucumber
Seal Release - 15th December 2021 Update - 10th December 2021 : Sea Cucumber´s flipper tag ID number is SL114 (white).

Update - 17th December 2021 : It is always sad to say a fond farewell to the rescued seal pups each season after their care and rehabilitation at the Seal Sanctuary.

This time the staff said "au revoir" to Sea Cucumber along with Nudibranch, Moana, Barley, Puffin, Coral and Urchin on 15th December 2021 at Dollar Cove.

Click here to watch the video.
Update - 8th May 2022 : Sea Cucumber was spotted in the wild on 5th February 2022 in St Mount´s Bay by Katie Maggs a member of the BDMLR and Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust.

Photo Credit - Katie Maggs - 5th February 2022

Sea Cucumber has also been seen at a seal colony along the coast of Cornwall on 8th May 2022.
Sea Cucumber - Photo Credit - Katie Maggs