Verity was rescued on 1st December 2021
Verity, a female (whitecoat) grey seal pup, was rescued from Boulmer beach in Northumberland on 1st December 2021 by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) marine mammal medics.

Due to the Storm Arwen, she got into trouble and had to be rescued, when she was assessed, Verity had an abscess on her back and was very skinny.

Photo Credit : Lizzi Larbalestier (BDMLR)
Verity - Photo credit : Lizzi Larbalestier - BDMLR
As there were so many seal pups that need rescuing due to the storm, she was looked after for a few days at various holding BDMLR centres during her journey by the medics to Cornwall where there was a space available at the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek on 6th December 2021.
Verity Update - 28th December 2021 : Verity´s abscess is now healing well and she currently weighs 21kgs.

Her flipper tag ID number is SL119 (white).

She is being sponsored by Rodda´s Cornish Clotted Cream company and they are kindly supporting her.

Click here to see a selection of photos of Verity in the hospital taken on 28th December 2021.
Update - 30th January 2022 : Verity is currently in rehabilitation pool and has now reached her target weight of 30.5kg, she is ready to be relesaed back into the wild.

Click here to see this and a further photo of Verity taken on 29th January 2022.
Seal release - 27th February 2022 Update - 28th February 2022 : Verity along with Maude, Bailey, Kelp, Roni and Squid have completed their rehabilitation and were released back into the wild on 27th February 2022 at Dollar Cove which is a short drive from the Seal Sanctuary.