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Issue 171
March 2020


Official Statements from the Seal Sanctuary
Update: 21st March 2020 - The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is now temporarily closed until further notice.
Jana Sirova, the General Manager for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said "After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily close the Cornish Seal Sanctuary until further notice. The health and welfare of our staff and guests are our top priority, and this closure allows us to do our part to limit the spread of COVID 19. During this closure our dedicated team will continue to provide the best possible care for the animals in our Sanctuary.

We thank you for your support and patience, and will post an updates regarding re-opening on our website and social media."

Update: 20th March 2020 - Here is an official statement which was released by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
"This is a difficult time for everyone, and we firstly want to say that we hope you are safe and well. At the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, we are currently following Government guidelines closely to ensure the safety of all our visitors, staff and animals. For the moment, we are still open to visitors, and as an outdoor attraction set in 42-acres of beautiful countryside, we are asking all guests to keep a safe distance from each other and to ensure they are following guidelines on distancing when out in public spaces. We know that the guidance can change daily, and we will ensure to keep all of our guests updated with the current information via our website and social media outlets. We ask that if anyone has any questions about visiting to please give us a call on 01326 221 361.

Whilst health and safety are our top priority, we rely on visitors to fund the important work that we do. As an increasing amount of people are, quite rightly, self-isolating, there are financial implications for our sanctuary. All our resident animals are with us for a reason, and many are on expensive medication that is vital for their health, such as £100 eye drops needed regularly for our Southern sea lions. In fact, we spend nearly £2,000 a month on medication and £5,000 a month on feeding our animals. Without our visitors, we are concerned about the detrimental effect that this will have on our animals.

We are asking for your help: Please Support our Sanctuary and help us get through these unprecedented and uncertain times by donating to our charity. Your money will go towards keeping our animals fed and healthy during this troubled period. You can donate to us via our website, over the phone or via text (all information is below).

We can´t continue our work here at the sanctuary without your support, and whilst we recognise that these are difficult times for everyone, if you are able to spare just a small amount towards the care of our animals, we would greatly appreciate it.

We wish you all good health and we look forward to seeing you here in the future. Thank you.

Ways to donate: Website:

Text donation: To make a £5 donation, text SEAL 5 to 70085.
You can opt to donate any whole amount up to £20.

Call us to donate over the phone on 01326 221361.

Please cut & paste and share this post (and video) to help us, we really appreciate our facebook family and all the support you continue to show our Sanctuary." Click here to watch the video to accompany this statement.

Rescued Seal Pups 2019/2020
Alice in Wonderland, Elf, Horrid Henry, Lisbeth, Piglet, Pippi Longstocking and Stig were weighed to make sure they have achieved a target release weight of 30kgs or above, before making the short journey to Dollar Cove which is a 15 minutes drive from Gweek on 2nd March 2020.

The next day Brienne of Tarth, Father Christmas, Hannibal, Mrs Claus, Mawgan, Primrose and Mog were returned back into the wild on 3rd March 2020.   Photos Credit (below) : Denise Gent (BDMLR)
Tess, Eliza Doolittle, Paddington Bear and Tiger Lily were released back into the wild on 16th March 2020 at Maenporth beach in Falmouth.   Photos Credit (below) : Abby Ham
Willy Wonka (photo below), Captain Hook, Elmer and Frida just need to complete their rehabilitation and will be returned to the wild in the next month or so.
Willy Wonka
You can help support the work of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary as they care for the Residents and Rescued Seal Pups by joining the Adoption Scheme.   Click here for more information.

Each Adoption makes a valuable contribution to the seal rescue programme, allowing the Sanctuary to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help and to look after those that are unable to be released back into the wild.

Bunny and Seal make friends
Meet Mr Teddy, a Pet Therapy volunteer, who visits schools in and around Cornwall. He often visits the Seal Sanctuary and is a firm favourite with the team and the seals! As you can see, Aayla is a big fan??

#rabbitsofinsta #sealsofinstagram #gweek #cornishsealsanctuary #sealifetrust
Pet of the Week - for 2nd March 2020

If you find a Seal in the Wild
For over 60 years the Sanctuary has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing pups from the Cornish coastline and beyond that find themselves in trouble, whether it be eye problems, respiratory infections and malnourishment to broken bones, pollution-related problems and being separated from their mother too soon.
BellaBella being checked by the Animal Care Team
A quick reminder that if you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 and/or the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on 01825 765546.

DO keep your distance;
DON´T attempt to handle or touch the pup;
DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea;
DON´T ignore the situation;
DO tell the appropriate organisation.

When you ring an appropriate organisation, please be prepared to give an exact location of the seal, your contact details, what condition is the seal in for example is it alone, thin, injured or seems unwell (noisy breathing, coughing, runny nose). Tell people around you to keep clear of the seal by at least 50 metres, if you can, draw a circle in the sand around the pup.

Remember most often seals come out of the water on to land to rest, digest after eating their food, relax and sleep.

Post Release Monitoring of Seals
With each update we will name any tagged seals spotted in the wild by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) around the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:-

The Shining on 5th & 23rd March 2020,
Charles, Jewell and Strawberry Shortcake on 9th March 2020,
Joy Division on 9th & 23rd March 2020,
Knight Rider on 9th, 19th & 23rd March 2020,
Wham on 9th & 26th March 2020,
Beast on 13th, 19th, 23rd & 26th March 2020,
Magnum and Polurrian on 13th March 2020,
Cruelle de Vil and Riley on 26th March 2020.

This above information regarding tagged seals seen in the wild is copyright of the CSGRT.

(c) Photo Credit : Sue Sayer (CSGRT) - Knight Rider (left) Riley (right)

Put Wildlife First
"Put Wildlife First" signs packed with information about what to do if you come across wildlife are erected around the coastal beaches in Cornwall.
Click here to read more.

The beach signage was created by The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, with help from Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, The RSPB, 2 Minute Beach Clean, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and The Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code Group and was funded by the SEALIFE Trust.
Put Wildlife First

Love the Beach - Dont Let Litter Spoil It! Love Your Beach

Whilst on the beach this year you may see these stands, please spare a few minutes.

Make a Difference with a "2 Minute Beach Clean"

Love Your Beach - Don´t Let Litter Spoil It!

This news update has been put together by volunteers/supporters of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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