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The aim of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary is to return all their pups back into the wild, and because of a greater knowledge of how to care for Seals built up over the years, along with improved facilities and medication, the success rate is very good.
Rescued Seal PupsSeal Release
The Cornish Seal Sanctary is also a permanent home to a community of adult seals, who for various reasons cannot be released back into the wild.
The highlight of any visit to the Sanctuary is feeding time, when Sheba, Anneka, Willow, Marlin, and the rest of the adult Seals all have their own amusing way of attracting more than their fair share of the fish.
PumpkinAayla and Willow eating a conger eel with Jinx
Adult Common and Grey Seals, the various pups, the audio visual interpretation area, and other information boards, along with the staff, will make it an educational and enjoyable day out at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Cornish Seal SanctuaryAayla and Willow eating a conger eel with Jinx
The main purpose is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release, but it is the large number of visitors the Sanctuary gets every year, many returning each season, which has helped them become what they are today.
Common Seals Talk by Asa

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