Sija - Harbour (Common) Seal
Sija, Common Seal SIJA, a female common seal, was born at the National SEA LIFE Marine Park, Blankenberge in Belgium on 2nd July 2004. Shortly after giving birth, Sija´s mother sadly passed away and Sija had to be hand-reared by her keepers.

Without her Mother for support, Sija made slow progress in the Seal Hospital, but with her keepers dedication, she soon learnt to feed herself and eventually started to put on weight.

In 2007 Sija´s keepers approached the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to see if a permanent home could be provided with other female seals for company. The Sanctuary agreed and Sija arrived in October 2007.

A rather unexpected new arrival was born in the early hours of Saturday 29th June 2013 at the highest point on the side of the Common Seal pool.

Although Sija shared a pool with a male going by the name of Babyface, he was getting on a bit at 36 - which is around 80 in human years, so it was a big surprise when Sija became a mum!

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Sija and pup
Sija and new pup Since the beginning of June 2014 the Animal Care Team noticed Sija´s waistline becoming progressively bigger. With alarm bells ringing, Babyface and Bo were moved out to the temporary rehab pool just in time!

So on Sunday 13th July 2014 the team arrived to find a beautiful healthy pup swimming around with mum and Aunty "Luna".

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23rd July 2014 and 1st August 2014.
Sija along with Luna have been moved to their new home at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park on 19th May 2015.

The Animal Care Team are very sad to see them go but to prevent further breeding the staff made the decision to move the girls up to Weymouth in a pool with only female seals.
Luna and Sija

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