Bo - Harbour (Common) Seal
It was a touching moment when Sija chose a name for her new pup. Like a torpedo, she swam straight for the name "Bo", which had been drawn on the side of a buoy and held by staff at Gweek.

The Sanctuary ran a competition with the West Briton newspaper to come up with possible names.
Choosing a name for the pup
The final three possibilities were Ronan, chosen by Ronan of Constantine, Fin, chosen by Finley of Flushing and the eventual winner Bo, chosen by Mollie of Penryn. The nominees were invited to the naming ceremony and to meet the staff and seals for themselves.
Sija and pup Little baby Bo had been born at the sanctuary in the summer, much to the surprise of staff.

Although Sija shared a pool with a male going by the name of Babyface, he was getting on a bit at 36 - which is around 80 in human years.

Babyface arrived in September 2010 from Colchester Zoo and had been alone for a time as his partner had passed away.
The rather unexpected new arrival was born in the early hours of Saturday 29th June 2013 at the highest point on the side of the pool.

The Animal Care Team had to keep the two observed throughout the day as the pup did not suckle for some time, but by the time they all went home for the day, mother and pup were doing fine.

A press release was sent out after the birth, Click here to read what they said.
Sija and pup The mum and pup were given some time to get to know each other with visitors allowed to look, but from slightly further away than usual so to reduce disturbance during the first few weeks.

Even this video taken on the 7th July 2013 was shot from a distance to keep disturbance down.

Click here to view video.
It was now a month since Sija´s pup was born and the Animal Care Team came to conclusion that the pup was a boy. He was taking no nonsense from his mum and dad could be seen hitting them with his flipper if they disturbed his sunbathing sessions.
As you can see from the photo below taken on 29th July 2013, the pup had grown very fat and was a very healthy month old pup.

He seemed to enjoy swimming with his belly up towards the sun, but this worried visitors who thought there was something wrong, but then he would roll around and give them a confused look as if to say "what is all the fuss about?".
A month old Common seal pup
4 weeks old Common seal pup By the start of August the pup was weaned by his mum and the Animal Care Team had the job to try and convince him to eat fish.

Click here to watch four short videos of the pup filmed on 29th July 2013.
This photo of Bo was taken on 28th September 2013, he is now a very confident pup and taking chunks of fish during the feed, he has also been known to chase the Animal Care Team to the gate if he thinks he did not get enough of the fish during feeding time.

Click here to see a selection of photos taken between 30th June and 28th September 2013 of the pup.
Sija's Pup

In 2023 the Animal Care Team celebrated Bo´s 10th birthday with this amazing ´ice cake´ made by them!

He is a very confident seal and always the first up at feeding time.   He can be impatient and may even start tapping his flipper on the floor if the fish isn´t being delivered quickly enough.
Bo - Happy 10th Birthday

You can help support the work of The Cornish Seal Sanctuary as they care for their Residents and Rescued Seal Pups by joining the new Adoption Scheme.

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Each Adoption makes a valuable contribution to the seal rescue programme, allowing the Sanctuary to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help and to look after those that are unable to be released back into the wild.

Bo - February 2023Bo - April 2023 Resident Common Seal - Bo - June 2018Jarvis at back with Buddy and Bo

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