Ray - Resident Grey Seal
Ray RAY, a male grey seal, was picked up from Widemouth Bay on the 12th of October 2001, approximately three weeks of age.

He was fairly malnourished and found at the top end of the beach, as far away from the water as possible with his nose pressed up against the side of a rock face.

When he first arrived at the sanctuary it was apparent that his behaviour was a little different to the other pups.
The Animal Care Team are monitoring him closely to see how he reacts with other seals and how well he competes for his fish. He is very quiet and brain damage has not been ruled out, the vet also drew attention to the shape of Ray´s head, which is very different to the other pups.

It may be that Ray suffered trauma to this area as a pup, possibly crushed by an adult bull? Further tests revealed he is brain damaged, so he has been given a permanent home at the sanctuary.
Ray the famous seal celebrates his 18th Birthday The staff made Ray a very special fishy birthday cake and share some toys with his pool partners.

He had the best time celebrating his 18th birthday (as did the team!).

Ray´s Happy 18th Birthday Video - Autumn 2019.

A short video of Ray chilling on the side of the pool.
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Cheeky Ray has a Facebook Page.
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Ray has been part of the Sanctuary since he was just a pup and his story is a heart-warming tale of resilience and love.   From a tiny pup washed ashore after a storm, to his forever home at the Sanctuary.

Ray loves to spend hot days playing with the sprinkler, often chasing the water jets and trying to catch the water in his mouth. He is also very good at leaning a flipper over the edge of the pool and splashing himself when sunbathing (talk about a hard life).   Ray´s weakness is that he can never resist a scratch from the broom when the animal care team come to clean his pool.

Ray´s wonderful personality shines brighter than the sun. Ray loves it his ice birthday cakes made by the Wonderful Animal Care Team.
Happy Birthday Ray
Happy 20th Birthday Ray
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