Sheba - Resident Grey Seal
SHEBA is a partially sighted female in the convalescence pool. She was originally rescued, as a pup in the early 1970s, with nasty infections in both of her eyes.

Despite round the clock treatment to clear up the infections as quickly as possible, unfortunately Sheba had already lost the majority of her sight.

In the winter of 1977 two baby seals were born at the Sanctuary.   The mothers were Sheba and another resident seal, Jenny.   Sheba had her pup on Christmas Day in 1977 so it was named St Nicholas.   Click here to read more.
Sheba in 1977 with her Christmas Day pup
Sheba still tends to have minor eye problems during the annual moult, when stray fur can aggravate the seals eyes and also during the summer in the bright sunshine.
Sheba, one of our residentsSheba
Sheba gets on brilliantly with all the other seals in the pool and absolutely adores enrichment activities, especially ice blocks with fish frozen into them and playing with huge fronds of seaweed.
Click here to see a selection of photos of Sheba via flickr.
In 2023 the Animal Care Team celebrated Sheba´s 49th birthday (and another shout out to our cake-making queen, Polly, for another fabulous creation)! ??

Sheba was originally rescued as a pup in Cornwall in the mid-1970s.   She had nasty infections in both eyes which left her partially sighted; a problem which is exacerbated in bright sunshine or during the annual moult, when stray fur can aggravate her eyes.

Sheba is very social and playful; enjoying spending time with the other seals in the pool. She also adores enrichment activities - especially ice blocks or playing with huge fronds of seaweed!
Happy 49th Birthday Sheba
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