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Julia Goldsworthy visits the Seal SanctuaryGALES TAKE TOLL ON SEAL PUPS
Recent storms and gales have come at the worst possible time for breeding grey seals around the coast of Cornwall.
Fifteen Cornwall based at Watergate Bay in Newquay came to the aid of a sick seal that was found on the beach during the early morning of Saturday 11th November 2006. Words
The Canadian Seal Hunt: Facts and FictionTHE CANADIAN SEAL HUNT: FACTS AND FICTION
Dr Glenn Boyle, Curator of Seals at the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek will be giving a public seminar on the Canadian Seal Hunt at the Tremough University Campus in Penryn on 13th November 2006.
Cornish schools can now visit the award-winning National Seal Sanctuary free of charge.
A vital rescue vehicle at the National Seal Sanctuary has spluttered to a standstill and is no longer roadworthy.
Baby Seals at RiskBABY SEALS AT RISK
With a forecast of unsettled weather and big tides over the next week, the National Seal Sanctuary is asking the public to leave baby seals alone.
Rare visitor to GweekRARE VISITOR TO GWEEK
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary are delighted to give expert care to "E" minor, an 11 week old Common seal, which has arrived in need of a bit of special attention.
Have you spotted a seal wearing a yellow hat yet?HAVE YOU SPOTTED A SEAL WEARING A YELLOW HAT YET?
There are many unusual sites to be seen around the Cornish coast. Perhaps one of the most peculiar is a seal emerging from the sea with a bright yellow hat tag.
Special Activity Days at the National Seal SanctuarySPECIAL ACTIVITY DAYS AT THE NATIONAL SEAL SANCTUARY
Why not come along and join us during August 2006 for fun special activities.
Wandering seal pup returns from Portuguese adventureWANDERING SEAL PUP RETURNS FROM PORTUGUESE ADVENTURE
A grey seal pup that wandered more than 1,000 miles returns this week from Portugal. Washed up on a Portuguese beach last winter, 8 month old seal pup Darwin has been cared for at the Zoomarine sea mammal centre in the Algarve.
After six months of rehabilitation, the National Seal Sanctuary are delighted to announce the release of Ginger back to the wild very early on Tuesday 25th July 2006.
Special Activity Days at the National Seal SanctuarySPECIAL ACTIVITY DAYS AT THE NATIONAL SEAL SANCTUARY
Why not come along and join us during July 2006 for fun special activity days.
A gift from SwanseaA GIFT FROM SWANSEA
The kind hearted woman, pictured right with our Attraction Manager Michelle Drew, is Rhona Scott from Swansea in Wales.
Sun, Seals and Ice CubesSUN, SEALS AND ICE CUBES
Residents at the National Seal Sanctuary, at Gweek are being kept cool this summer, with lots of icy treats. As Britain bakes the Animal Care Team, have had to find new ways to keep the residents and 8 rescued pups, cool.
Fur Seals in LoveFUR SEALS IN LOVE
Love is in the air for the newest residents at the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek. The Sanctuary recently gave a home to Mika and Chaff, a couple of South African Fur Seals.
Big-hearted builder keeps seal rescuers mobileBIG-HEARTED BUILDER KEEPS SEAL RESCUERS MOBILE
A kind hearted builder has solved a transport emergency at the National Seal Sanctuary. The Sanctuary´s rescue vehicle, used to fetch stranded pups from remote coastal locations all around the Cornish coast, has given up the ghost.
Africa comes to the Seal SanctuaryAFRICA COMES TO THE SEAL SANCTUARY
The National Seal Sanctuary proudly announces the arrival of two new African residents on 12 April 2006 a first for Cornwall!
Sanctuary Staff saddened by death of Sea Lion - DipsySANCTUARY STAFF SADDENED BY DEATH OF SEA LION "DIPSY"
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary have been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of their long-term resident Southern Sea Lion, Serendipity.
Release of Guinness, Quinn, Blonde and Bob at Port GaverneRELEASE OF GUINNESS, QUINN, BLONDE AND BOB AT PORT GAVERNE
On 7th March 2006 the Seal Sanctuary released four more seals; these were Guinness, Quinn, Bob and Blonde. All were keen to get in to the cage and get into the trailer, to start the journey to Port Gaverne.
Breakfast DJ Bob serves lunch to a pair of common sealsBREAKFAST DJ BOB SERVES LUNCH TO A PAIR OF COMMON SEALS
Popular Pirate FM breakfast show presenter Bob McCreadie is to deliver lunch to resident common seals Flotsam and Jetsam at the National Seal Sanctuary on 13th February 2006.
Rare White Coated Pup at Seal SanctuaryRARE "WHITE COATED" PUP AT SEAL SANCTUARY
The arrival of an orphaned seal pup still sporting a snowy white coat has surprised seal experts at the National Seal Sanctuary.
Seal Sanctuary voted The Best Attraction in Cornwall in 2005SEAL SANCTUARY VOTED "BEST ATTRACTION IN CORNWALL" FOR 2005
Listeners to popular Cornish radio station Pirate FM have voted the National Seal Sanctuary the county´s top attraction.

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