Staff waved goodbye to little Oyster. She has done so well with her rehabilitation, after spending just over a month at the Sanctuary recovering, she was ready go back into the wild on 15th November 2021 at Dollar Cove.

It was wonderful to see her back where she belongs, the team always stay and watch until our pups are far out at sea - as you can see, Oyster headed straight for the water!

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary rehabilitates between 50-70 seals pups in need every winter and each pup costs, on average, £2000 to rehabilitate, not including special cases.

A donation of any size would go such a long way, and help to protect the animals at the Sanctuary that has been a huge part of Cornwall´s heritage and an important animal rescue facility for over 60 years.

Click on this link to donate towards the Sanctuary´s pup rehabilitation and to help them look after seal pups.

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