Oyster was rescued on 6th October 2021
Oyster, female 3-4 weeks old grey seal pup, was rescued from Mousehole on 6th October 2021 by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) marine mammal medics.

Tide was about to engulf this pup at Mousehole so it was a "grab and bag" then move by the trained medics to safety for a more detailed examination.

Photo Credit : Alison Davey - BDMLR
Oyster - Photo credit : Alison Davey (BDMLR)
Oyster - Photo credit : Alison Davey (BDMLR) The pup was lethargic, temperature of 37.8°C, lots of nasty wounds to rear flippers, which were swollen and very hot, and a few other wounds besides! Also, slightly snotty.

Weighing in at 21kgs, the pup was taken to the Sanctuary´s vet prior to being admitted to the seal hospital.

Photo Credit : Alison Davey - BDMLR
Update : 16th October 2021 - It will not be too long before Oyster is moved down to the outside nursery pools for her next stage of rehabilitation once she has completed her course of medication. The pup currently weighs 22kgs. Oyster
Oyster Update : 22nd October 2021 - Oyster is now in nursery pool number 3 and learning how to dive and swim for fish during feeding time. She currently weighs 25kgs.

Oyster´s flipper ID tag number is SL105 (white).

This photo was taken on 21st October 2021, click here to see further ones.
Update : 17th November 2021 - Staff waved goodbye to little Oyster. She has done so well with her rehabilitation, after spending just over a month with at the Sanctuary recovering, she was ready go back into the wild on 15th November 2021 at Dollar Cove.

It was wonderful to see her back where she belongs, the team always stay and watch until our pups are far out at sea - as you can see, Oyster headed straight for the water!