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Issue 108
April 2015

April has been a very eventful month.
Grey Seal Pool
Pumpkin and Marlin are currently having their pool re-lined so are holidaying in the pups rehabilitation enclosure by the turning circle whilst the work takes place.
Pumpkin and Marlin, Grey Seal Pool being refurbished
Flipper and Yulelogs are temporarily in the nursery pools 1 and 2.
Flipper and Logs in the nursery pools 1 and 2
The work will take approximately 3-4 weeks and is part of the Sanctuary´s long-term development plan of pool improvements. Whilst the boys are in these pools, they are being spoilt rotten to make sure the disruption does not affect them too much. Favourite activities include fish pulls and sprat boxes.
Grey seals enclosure
Convalescent pool
Ray, Lizzie, Sheba and Atlanta are looking after all the rescued seal pups.
Remember that Ray has his very own facebook page?
Click here to catch up with what he is up to.
Convalescent pool
Anneka is feeling a little poorly at the moment so the Animal Care Team have moved her into nursery pool 3 for a few days until she feels better. Get well soon Anneka.
Anneka in nursery pool 3
It is with great sadness that the seal sanctuary has to tell you that on Thursday 9th April 2015 their beautiful elderly female Grey seal Fatima passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Fatima was a well-loved matriarch of the convalescent pool and although in her old age she was thought to be almost completely blind, there are countless stories from the Animal Care Team of Fatima somehow managing to get more than her fair share of the fish! RIP Fatima.
Pup Rescue Season 2014-15
Click on the following names to see photos of Badger, Flash, Angel, Olaf, He-Man, Elektra, Joker, Sabretooth, Supergirl, Oracle and Edwina.

These pups are still in the convalescent pool and the resident seals are helping them to put on a few more pounds before they are released back to the wild hopefully before the end of May 2015.
Pups in the Convalescent pool
Released seal pups
It has been a very busy month for releasing seal pups back to the wild.

Spiderman and Thor were released back into the wild on 7th April 2015. Click here to see a selection of photos by Tamara Cooper.
Thor and Spiderman released back into the wild on 7th April 2015
Batman, Stardust, Iceman, Felix, Mystique, She-Ra and Echo were released on 8th April 2015 at Gwithian.
Robin and Toad were released back into the wild on 9th April 2015.
Odin, Shrek, Hulk, Pepper, Emma Frost and Aquaman were released back on 24th April 2015 at Gwithian. Click here to see a selection of photos of the release taken by Tamara Cooper.
Seal Release - 24th April 2015
Common Seal
Buddy (left) and Bo (right) are real characters and love playing on this floating wooden raft.
Common seals
Just click here or on a picture below of your choice to see a larger version.
Common Seals Common Seals Common Seals Common Sealsh Common Seals
Adopt an Animal
Why not adopt a creature and help to maintain first class animal care at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.

Please click here or call 01326 221361 for more details.
Latest leaflet
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s latest leaflet for 2015 is available, Click here to download a pdf version.
Patagonian Sea Lions
Diego and Noito are both doing really well and looking very handsome.
Patagonian Sea Lion
Californian Sea Lions
Sunny has been at the Seal Sanctuary for a year now, it only feels like yesterday that he joined André in the Californian Sea Lions enclosure.
Andre and Sunny
Here are a selection of photos of Starsky and Hutch. Just click here or on a picture below of your choice to see a larger version.
Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch
Members of the Animal Care Team and Volunteers are always thinking of different ways to occupy and enrich the Penguins.

The penguins enjoy the animal care team and volunteers using the wand stick to blow bubbles at them. Click here to see them playing with the ping-pong ball. Click here to see a photo of Kate retrieving the ball...our cameras were ready just in case Kate had fallen in.
Penguins - bubbles blowing
Rockpool Caitlin showing us how to hold a starfish, visitors to the Sanctuary can try this as well!
Caitlain showing us how to hold a starfish
Steve (photo below), is the only goat at the seal sanctuary, as Truffles has moved to a new home.
Steve, Pygmy Goat Just click here or on a picture below of your choice to see a larger version.
Steve in the Paddock Paddock Paddock Paddock Paddock
Ponies in paddock
Volunteers and Members of the Animal Care Team L-R: Amy, Jenny, Hannah, Kate and Caitlin
Some of the members of the Animal Care Team and Volunteers
Entanglement net seals in Wild
On 25th April 2015 members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and the Cornwall Seal Group (CSG) were called to help in a seal entanglement.

The BDMLR and CSG achieved a very successful rescue. A green trawl nettie had remained on beach all day in suitable position with few other seals on the beach and as the rescue team started to descend the slope for the rescue, a second blue nettie hauled out and went to join the first. So Dan (from the Seal Sanctuary and a member of CSG and BDMLR) and Phil cut the net from both and let them go as they had no substantial injuries! What a wonderful successful story. Well done.

Click here to see a larger version of below and a further photo by Sue Sayer of the CSG.
Seal in a Entangelement Net
Two Mute Swans in the Helford Estuary on the bank near the Seal Sanctuary are waiting for the sounds of pitter-patter of tiny web feet. Click here to see a large version of this photo.
Mute Swans
Post Monitoring Release - How Can You Help?
The Seal Sanctuary not only relies on the public to spot injured or abandoned seals but also to help with the post monitoring release.

If you are out and about the Cornish coastline and you spot a seal, it may be a seal the Sanctuary has released in the past.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the Cornwall Seal Group would like to know about any seals which are spotted with tags, they need to know it´s location (where you saw the seal), the colour of the tag (each rescue season they use a different colour tag, this year (2014/15) it is a yellow tag), the date you saw the seal and the behaviour of the seal. Then please contact the Cornish Seal Sanctuary via email and Sue Sayer, a member of the Cornwall Seal Group, via email.
Felix - photo by Sue Sayer of the Cornish Seal Group
This month She-Ra was spotted at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall on the 14th April 2015, Elvis, Ken and Mr Incredible on 18th April 2015 and then Stardust, Pavarotti and Felix (photo above) on 23rd April 2015.

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