Cherry was rescued on 2nd January 2022
Cherry is an 8 weeks old female grey seal pup who was rescued from Fishing Cove in Gunwalloe on the 2nd of January 2022 by Elliot with help from Asa.

The pup was found perched on the rocks, so Elliot had to climb up to rescue her and then he cradled her while he climbed back down onto the beach.
Cherry - Photo credit - Asa
Cherry - Photo credit - Asa Elliot carried out a quick clinical assessment of the pup and found she had a really infected and swollen rear flipper and was also malnourished.

Elliot and Asa had a long walk of over a mile across the soft sandy beach, carrying the cage with the pup inside back to the vehicle.

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Update : 17th January 2022 - After a day in the hospital for her to settle down, an appointment was booked with Head & Head vets, so an xray could be carried out on the pup´s rear swollen flipper. The vet confirmed that there were no broken bones and prescribed a course of antibiotics and pain relief.

Update : 23rd January 2022 - Cherry is finally started eating her fish whole, until present the team were having to cut her fish in half so they could hide her pills in the tail. Fortunately, she is now eating her fish properly!
Cherry in the hospital
Cherry Update - 30th January 2022 : Cherry has now been moved to the outside nursery pools for her next stage of rehabilitation. She is learning how to dive and swim for fish during feeding time. Cherry weighs 25kg.

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Her flipper tag ID number is SL124 (white).
Update - 24th February 2022 : Cherry is now ready to be released back into the wild in the next few days. She weighs 34.5kg,

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Seal Release Update - 6th March 2022 : It was such a beautiful sunny winter´s morning when it was time for Cherry along with Reef, Tykey, Stormy and Turtle, were released back into the wild on 5th March 2022 at Dollar Cove.

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